Looking forward to the SqlBits Saturday community event in York this weekend, always good to learn a bit more about SQL Server and to catch up with old acquaintances. If you see me there, come and say hello.


  • AntiXSS 4.0 Released – The Microsoft Security Tools blog highlights the release of the AntiXSS 4.0 library. This is the binary release, the source code will be published on Codeplex next week. This release targets .NET 3.5, and helps you as a developer deal with correct encoding of values to ensure user provided values do not get executed at cause a security vulnerability.
  • ASP.NET Security Fix Now on Windows Update – Scott Guthrie discusses the release of the ASP.NET Padding Oracle fix on to Windows Update, and provides some answers to some further Frequently Asked Questions about the deployment and implications of the patch.
  • Neovolve.Toolkit 1.0 RTW – Rory Primrose announces the stable 1.0 release of his Neovolve Toolkit, and this release includes a number of features for Windows Workflow 4, along with additions and helpers for working with various areas of the .NET Framework including threading, reflection, communication, and the Unity container.