IMPORTANT: ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

If you run ASP.NET websites, you need to pay attention to the contents of this section:


  • Pex and Moles v0.94: MSBuild support for Moles – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux announces the latest release of the Pex and Moles project which brings with it support for the inclusion of support for Moles in MSBuild, removing the requirement to check in generated code allowing the tooling to run well under TFS.
  • jQuery UI on the Microsoft CDN – Stephen Walther highlights the inclusion of jQuery UI 1.8.5 on the Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network, a free to use CDN for a variety of JavaScript libraries, offering you a way to increase the performance of your sites by including common resources from the public CDN
  • Windows Phone Training Kit has been updated – Alex Yakhnin highlights the release of an updated version of the Windows Phone 7 Training Kit, updated to reflect the changes in the RTM version of the developer tooling.