• Rx on the server, part 5 of n: Observable ASP.NET – Jeffrey van Gogh continues his series of posts looking at the use of the Reactive Extensions for .NET on the Server side. This part takes a look at using IObservable in your ASP.NET Applications
  • – High Level Architecture – David W Martines takes the covers off, a music sharing community, and shares how the website is structured and architected using ASP.NET MVC and Domain Driven Development style of development
  • Cool eBook of the Day – ‘Threading in C#’ – Greg Duncan highlights a comprehensive eBook from Joseph Albahari available in PDF and HTML format covering all the key aspects of developing multithreaded code in C#
  • PSSCor2: Miscellaneous Commands – Sasha Goldshtein continunes exploring the PSSCor2 debugging extension, looking in this post at the !SaveModule, !SaveAllModules, !DumpAllExceptions, and !DumpRuntimeTypes commands
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 CTP1 View Improvements – Ashic Mahtab shares a (his first) screencast looking at the changes and improvements in ASP.NET MVC3 CTP1 for working with your views, focusing on the new Razor ViewEngine
  • .NET String Formatting Cheat Sheet – Dylan Beattie shares a Cheat Sheet for the multitude of String Formatting options available in .NET, based on a guide to string formatting from Steve Tibbett.
  • Making DSLs in F# at – Dmitri Nesteruk takes a look at building a Domain Specific Language using the F# language, building a sample based on project management.
  • Reversing assignment statements with Find and Replace in VS 2010 – Darren Fieldhouse shares a useful tip which demonstrates the power of the Visual Studio Search and Replace, showing how you can easily reverse assignment statements.