• Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework New Samples Updated on 2010-09-06 – The All-In-One Code Framework Team give the lowdown on their September Release giving an overview of the new samples for Shell Extensions in managed coded, samples for Windows Azure, Samples for change tracking entities without proxies, and programmatic detection of the Bitness of a process


  • Introducing the Microsoft Web Farm Framework – Scott Guthrie gives a detailed introduction to the first preview release of the Microsoft Web Farm Framework which provides installation, configuration and synchronisation of ASP.NET applications between multiple servers and load balanced environments running IIS7.
  • CQRS Info – Following on from his post on the meaning of CQRS and the difficulty of finding good information, Greg Young has set up a new site called which houses video and documents from his training sessions and links to other good CQRS content.
  • Getting Started with Node.js on Windows – Matthew Podwysocki takes a look at JavaScript on the server side exploring getting up and running with Node.js on Windows.
  • Fun with Rx – Sacha Barber takes a look at the Reactive Extensions for .NET 4 sharing a number of demos exploring the use of Rx for drawing, handling form events, making async web service calls and looks at exporting IObservables using the Managed Extensibility Framework.
  • Using the Visitor Pattern with Domain Entities – Mike Hadlow shares an implementation of the Visitor Pattern which works with domain entities to gather information from all the entities in a hierarchy, answering a real world business requirement.
  • Death to Windows Services…Long Live AppFabric! – Brian Ritchie takes a look at the support in AppFabric for hosting long running processes / services witihin IIS, looking at the benefits of doing so and stepping through a simple implementation.
  • A better way for service threads – Jeff Krebsbach discusses a common ‘sleep work’ pattern used in Windows services, discussing the problems with such an implementation and showing an alternative implementation which behaves better.
  • Data Binding with DbContext – Rowan Miller looks to get community feedback on the Entity Framework Teams designs for increasing the number of usage scenarios supported for developers working with DbContext and DbSet, giving us a preview of some of the proposed functionality and the ability to feed back into their design process.
  • Debugging Common Canvas Issues – Elizabeth Ford and Jatinder Mann of the Internet Explorer Team share a number of things you should check to ensure that your Canvas based code will operate optimally in Internet Explorer 9
  • Experimenting with enterprise level bus messaging – Sacha Barber takes a detailed look at implementing an Enterprise Service Bus application sample using NServiceBus. Lots of detail in the article, and the full code for the sample application is provided
  • Dynamic objects and the Facebook C# SDK – Nathan Totten discusses how the Dynamic features of C#4 have helped make their latest open source ‘C# Facebook SDK’ more resilient to change and easier to consume.


  • Visual Studio 2010 ALM Events (UK) – Mike Taulty highlights a number of Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management events being held throughout the UK (29th Sept in Reading, 5th October in London, 19th October in Birmingham and 9th Nov in Edinburgh). These events are free to attend, however places are limited and registration is required