• NHibernating a WCF Data Service – Pablo M. Cibraro takes a look at wiring WCF Data services up to an NHibernate data storage back end, looking at the implementation of IUpdatable for storing data back into NHibernate entities.
  • Back to school : Getting to know F# – Mehfuz’s WebLog – Mehfuz takes a quick look at F#, showing how it can be used to create types with methods, and explores simple unit testing of these methods in F# using Telerik JustMock
  • Really, Really, Big Numbers with BigInteger in .NET 4.0 – Paul Kimmel explores the .NET Framework’s support for large numbers via the BigInteger class, illustrating its use in performing calculations to find square roots of large numbers.
  • Coding Without A Net – Coding without comments – Jesse Liberty discusses a constraint he recently introduced to his coding where he avoids all forms of comment in his code, aiming to make his code as self explanatory as possible.
  • Two different ways to create bad logic in unit tests – Roy Osherove discusses a ‘test smell’ where logic which is likely in the system under test is repeated inside the test case, illustrating with a simple example of string concatenation.
  • ASP.NET MVC 3: Using HttpNotFoundResult in controller tests – Gunnar Peipman shows how the new HttpNotFoundResult in ASP.NET MVC 3 really helps with the testability of your controllers by removing the need to test against the HttpContext and Response objects.
  • An alternative repository – Michel Grootjans takes a look at an improved implementation of a repository pattern for NHibernate which provides a nice way of encapsulating querying. Full code is available for download.
  • ASP.NET MVC meets HTML5 – Gunnar Peipman also explores the support for HTML5 in ASP.NET MVC provided by Dean Hume’s ASP.NET MVC HTML5 Helpers Toolkit which provides HtmlHelper methods for rendering HTML5 controls.
  • Validating Data in Silverlight 4 Applications – IDataErrorInfo – Dan Wahlin takes a look at the improvements to validation provided in Silverlight 4, and ho the IDataErrorInfo provides an alternative to the traditional Exception based validation provided in earlier versions.
  • Git, TortoiseGit, Github and the rest – Christiaan takes a look at getting up and running with Git and related tools from the point of view of wanting to gain access to the source code to an open source project hosted on GitHub.
  • Hydrating Objects With Expression Trees – Part I – Paulo Morgado explores using expression trees to populate arbitrary entities with data, looking at building compiled expressions using reflection and then applying them to newly created objects to fill them with data.
  • MSDEV Offers Free Developer Training for Windows Phone 7 in Seven Minutes Each – Bruce Kyle highlights a series of 7 minute videos providing some very focused training on specific areas of the Windows Phone 7 development story from the MSDEV site, along with providing a number of other links to related SDKs and other training content
  • Windows Phone Design Day Recordings – Jaime Rodriguez shares the videos from a recent Windows Phone 7 Design Day, an invite only event for partners and agencies which looked at design best practices for the new Windows Phone devices


  • Announcing NHDay final Agenda – Simone Chiaretta announces the finalisation of the agenda for the first NHibernate Day, to be held on 9th October in Bologna, Italy. The Agenda looks to be really good, and there are still a few places available.
  • Code Challenge – Win a Gyroball – Thycotic Solutions are running a coding contest, offering a GyroBall toy as the prize for the randomly picked correct solution. Entries are allowed from across the world, but only those in the US can win the Gyroball.