• Announcing the release of Codename "Dallas" CTP3! – ‘elisaj’ of the Dallas Team announces the 3rd CTP preview release. This updated CTP includes support for Basic Authentication, enhanced querying of OData Content, Add Reference support in Visual Studio, along with a variety of other enhancements to make development easier.



  • Real-world Dynamic .NET & OpenWrap – DevEvening have an event in Woking on Thursday 26th August (6:45pm start) where Mark Rendle will be talking on the subject of Dynamic Support in .NET 4, and Seb Lambla will be discussing his OpenWrap Package Management / Export Management system.
  • VBUG Bracknell: SQL Server CLR and Data Tier Applications – VBUG Bracknell are meeting on Tuesday 7th September for an event where Colin Leversuch-Roberts will be presenting a session on CLR functions vs TSQL functions in the database, and Neil Hambly will be talking about Data Tier Applications (DAC).
  • Free talk at Yahoo on the 27th about the software revolution that is JavaScript – Chris Heilmann highlights a free event to be held on the 27th August at Yahoo!’s Sunnyvale Campus where Douglas Crockford will be talking on the subject of ‘Loopage’ and JavaScript. Sign up is required for this event.
  • Interested in becoming a Windows Azure MVP? – The MVP program is looking for good developers with experiences of the Windows Azure Platform to become the first batch Azure MVPs. If you are such a person, or know someone who is, get in touch – contact details in the post.