• HTML5, Native: Third IE9 Platform Preview Available for Developers – The Internet Explorer continue delivering on their promise of regular preview releases of Internet Explorer 9 with their 3rd preview release. The major new features for this release are the hardware acceleration of canvas, video and audio, along with further improvements to the JavaScript engine performance, and page rendering. Further steps towards ACID standards compliance are also included. The Internet Explorer Team also offer Updates to the IE Testing Center including the 118 new standards tests they have submitted to the W3C


  • FREE 96 page book – Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches Volume One – Eric Nelson announces the release of ‘Windows Azure Platform: Articles from the Trenches Volume One’ a Free (E-)Book containing articles contributed by the Azure community, on subjects from the beginner ‘getting started’ topics through to the details of Azure and SQL Azure. The book is available as PDF, and also in printed from via Lulu.
  • All Will Be Revealed: ~7 Hours Recordings from the WIF Workshops – Vittorio Bertocci highlights the availability of the recordings of the main sessions from the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Workshop on Channel 9 (and soon to be included in the WIF Developer Training Kit). The 10 workshops start from a high level introduction and dig down deeper into specific areas of WIF.
  • A Lap Around TestApi v0.5 – Ivo Manolov gives a tour of the new features included in the latest TestApi release, released last week, showing code samples for each of the new and updated APIs, along with discussions of the new documentation and the updating of the tests to xUnit.Net 1.5
  • Modeling hierarchical structures in RavenDB – Ayende answers a common question about structuring hierarchical data in RavenDB (and also other Document databases), along with discussing some concurrency issues (And a clever RavenDB feature to avoid them) in the comments.
  • Investigating .NET Memory Management and Garbage Collection – Edward Elliott takes a look at the causes of Memory Leaks, and some of the problems associated, and then goes on to explore the Son of Strike (SOS) debugger extension and the commands available within it to help diagnose the cause of memory leaks.
  • Parallel Programming in .NET 4.0: Using Tasks – Jennifer Marsman continues her series on the Parallel Programming features of ,NET 4 with a look at the use of Tasks in place of manual threading using the Thread class.
  • Parallel programming in .NET – Internals – Manabendra Roy also takes a look at the Task support in .NET 4 exploring some of the background to tasks and looking at the implementation within the framework along with showing a simple example.
  • Multi-tenant ASP.NET MVC – Inversion of Control – Zack Owens continues his series on Multi-Tenancy applications in ASP.NET MVC, exploring the use of the Inversion of Control (IOC) Container to provide a means of obtaining the correct controllers
  • Hands on mocking of ASPNETMVC controller action – Mehfuz takes a look at mocking out dependencies in ASP.NET MVC Controllers for testing purposes using the current beta release of JustMock
  • Using ModelMetaData in ASP.Net MVC 2 to wire up sweet jQuery awesomeness – Eric Hexer experiments with combining the ModelMetaData with jQuery to provide an unobtrusive solution to providing extra information for jQuery Plugins to use when atatching behaviours to elements.