• C# Closures Explained – Justin Etheredge takes a look into the world of functional C# with a look at the sometimes confusing Closure implementation, cutting through the usual complex ‘long word’ definitions and illustrating with an example.
  • Basic Analysis of a Managed Memory Dump (.NET) – CClayton takes a look at the start of the process of debugging an application crash from a memory dump using WinDbg, looking at exceptions, threads and the stack of a managed process.
  • Measuring Browser Performance with the Windows Performance Tools – Walter vonKoch talks about the Internet Explorer Team’s use of the Windows Performance Tools from the Windows SDK in exploring and understanding the performance of the browser engine, showing the tools in use to give an idea of what they are capable of.
  • jQuery Fundamentals – Rebecca Murphey (and a number of other contributors) have published a nice guide to JavaScript and jQuery. Don’t be put off by the introduction (its in Portuguese) as the main content is in English, exploring the core of the JavaScript Language, and then moving on to look at jQuery (Core, events, effects, Ajax, plugins, and work is underway on a performance section too).
  • Document Well 2010 Plus: Hidden Options – Radames Cruz Moreno shares some of the user feedback on the Document Well 2010 Plus as included in the Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools, sharing a few of the hidden options that the document well has which answer a few users comments.
  • Parallel Programming in .NET 4.0: PLINQ – Jennifer Marsman explores one of the Parallel Team samples showing how Parallel LINQ can be used within your application, and showing the comparison to standard LINQ performance
  • Eager Loading with Repository Pattern and Entity Framework – Gil Fink has been exploring the Repository Pattern in Entity Framework and in this post looks at implementing Eager Loading using his repository pattern. Be sure to check out some of the previous posts on this subject from Gil.
  • Productivity Improvements for the Entity Framework – Rowan Miller looks at some of the things that we can do to improve the productivity of us as developers when working with the Entity Framework 4, looking at some useful techniques for Code, database and Model first development using Entity Framework.
  • Readying myself for Windows Phone 7 "Hello, Operator?" – Mike Ormond shares the process of setting up a Windows Phone 7 Development Environment using the April CTP of the Windows Phone Developer Tools
  • Write Templates for Visual Studio 2010 – Kate Gregory shares a complete presentation package of a talk on Templating in Visual Studio 2010. This kit includes everything you need to be able to deliver the session, including videos of the demos, the slide deck and notes on presenting the session.
  • Capturing (and changing) a Web Site with Fiddler – Eric Lawrence highlights how the Internet Explorer team use the Saz file capture feature of Fiddler to capture, modify and replay web traffic to the browser.
  • Security Best Practices in Azure – Dave Thompson takes an introductory look at security best practices for Azure, giving an introduction to the key concepts along with links to further details on each.