• Team Foundation Server – Scrum v1.0 – The Innovation Showcase Blog highlights the release by the Team Foundation Server team of the TFS Scrum v1.0 Beta, a set of templates for implementing Scrum when working with TFS
  • Transactional File Manager Is Now On CodePlex – Chinh Do announce the first release of Transactional File Manager on CodePlex. This library wraps up the .NET File interaction API methods such as copy, move, etc, and allows them to be utilised within a transaction with full transaction support.
  • Basic XAML Framework on CodePlex – Rockford Lhotka shares the code for his bxf (Basic XAML Framework) a library which makes it easy to teach/learn and write MVVM style applications, with the code for the library now hosted on CodePlex.


  • MSDN Magazine: June 2010 Issue – The June Edition of MSDN Magazine is now available online, with the topics discussed this month including Input Validation in WPF, Video encoding using Expression Encoder 3, Occasionally connected Silverlight, AppFabric Caching, and Thread reource Contention and Profiling.
  • Patterns & Practices Performance Guidance Roundup – J.D. Meier gathers together all the Performance related guidance from the Patterns and Practices team, collecting the published books and various how-to guides across the spectrum of performance testing and design.
  • UNISA Chatter – Operating System Concepts: Part 10 – File System Interface – Willy-Peter Schaub continues sharing his notes from the courses he is taking at UNISA with a look at the File System interface of an operating system looking at some of the data structures and types of file access, along with other features operating systems provide.
  • Building Mac Applications in MonoDevelop with MonoMac – Michael Hutchinson shares a walk through of creating an Apple Mac based application using MonoDevelop and the MonoMac bindings which allow Mono developers to create applications with a native Mac UI.
  • Using Mono Cecil Decompiler within Windbg to decompile – Naveen shows how you can wrap up Mono Cecil in a simple console application, and use that from WinDbg to get C# language versions of the IL you can obtain using WinDbg.
  • Sqlite-Csharp and NHibernate – Rob Ashton takes a look at resolving some of the problems of using Un-Managed Sqlite in your NHibernate based unit tests, and looks at replacing it using the Sqlite-Csharp library which is a port of the C Sqlite project and provides a managed interface the Sqllite data stores.
  • MongoDB – Initial Thoughts – John V. Petersen shares some of his initial feelings on MongoDB and and Document databases coming, as he does, from a long history of working with relational data stores. If you find this interesting, be sure to check out the EVAN recording of the MongoDB session listed in the Community section below.
  • Git: D’oh! I Meant To Create A New Branch First! – Derick Bailey walks through the process of correcting the type of mistake that often gets made with version control systems, committing files to the wrong branch showing how to undo this mistake using Git.