The new went live yesterday, and this morning I had problems with a number of links in RSS feeds and blog posts to existing posts on the site, so its possible that there may be problems with links to posts hosted on MSDN, especially in previous editions of The Brew. I’m sure this will only be a temporary thing and will be sorted soon. Hopefully all the links in today’s edition will work OK.


  • Fluent NHibernate 1.1 Released – James Gregory announces the release of FluentNHibernate 1.1, bringing the official release up to date with the numerous bugfixes and new features which have been comitted over the last few months, along with upgrading the NHibernate dependency to the latest 2.1.2GA release)
  • Two open source projects to facilitate interoperability with Outlook .pst data files – Jean-Christophe Cimetiere highlights two new CodePlex hosted Open Source projects from Microsoft which provide means of viewing the internals of Outlook PST files and an SDK for programmatic access to the contents of the PST file.