• Enabling XML-documentation for code contracts – Gunnar Peipman continues exploring Code Contracts with a look at generating documentation about the code contracts implemented in your code
  • Porting MVC Music Store to Raven: Data migration – Ayende continues with his series on porting the existing MVC Music Store tutorial application to use his RavenDB Document database. This post shares a simple implementation which will take the data from existing relational database and insert it into the document database.
  • Extending NerdDinner: Exploring Different Database Options – Scott Hanselman discusses the various options available for data access in .NET, and shares 5 ports of the Nerd Dinner sample MVC application to different data access, 4 of which were created by Chris Sells and Nick Muhonen looking at using ADO.NET Data Readers, Data Sets, LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework, and an NHibernate port from Ayende.
  • Extending NerdDinner: Adding MEF and plugins to ASP.NET MVC – Scott Continues this series on Extending NerdDinner with a look at some work done by Hamilton Verissimo de Oliveira, (aka "Hammett") to introduce the Managed Extensibility Framework into the NerdDinner sample.
  • The religion of dependency injection – Jimmy Bogard follows on from Scott’s MEF post picking up on the ‘poor man’s Dependency Injection’ starting a discussion about comparing this to full Dependency Injection. Seems to be interesting discussions starting in the comments of this one.
  • May 20th Links: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, .NET 4, VS 2010, Silverlight – Scott Guthrie turns link blogger and shares a number of links related to the technologies he cares about. A good number of these links have been included in The Morning Brew already, but there are a few additional ones which are well worth checking out.
  • Every Program There Is, Part Eight – Eric Lippert continues his series on building every program there is. This part looks at converting the grammar into code, allowing the generation of all the possibilities.
  • 13,000+ Free Icons for Web and Desktop Development – David Vidmar shares a list of free icon libraries he has made use of, which total to around 13000 icons which you can use in your applications freely.
  • Why enumerator structs are a really bad idea & Why enumerator structs are a really bad idea (redux) – Simon Cooper takes a look at the .NET IEnumerator implementations in the BCL and looks at (With a little help from an Eric Lippert post) at the implementations of MoveNext and Reset and how they might not do what you assume them to do.
  • Test-Driven JavaScript – James Shore shares his experiences of doing Test Driven Development in JavaScript gained during a previous venture discussing automating testing in the browser and across multiple browsers.
  • Unit Testing [Serializable] – Keith Dahlby takes a look at unit testing the ‘serializability’ of classes to ensure that all the types you assume to be able to serialize actually can be.