Another nice round number of posts milestone today – 600 posts old!


  • Updated versions of .NET Framework cleanup and verification tools that work with the .NET Framework 4 – Aaron Stebner has updated two of his .NET tools to support .NET 4. The tools, The .NET Framework Cleanup Tool – which cleans and removes the .NET Framework including removing files and registry keys , and the .NET Framework Setup Verification tool – which checks installations of all versions of the .NET Framework.
  • Feature Builder Power Tool for VS2010 RTM-Preview Now Available – Michael G. Lehman highlights the release of the RTM-Preview release of the Feature Builder Power Tool for Visual Studio 2010. This release is comparable with the RTM release of VS2010, and contains Side by side support for running with the VS 2010 Feature Pack, improvements to the Feature Extensions API, along with the usual bugfixes.


  • [Draft/Preview/Excerpt II] "Moving to Visual Studio 2010" Part 2, with three new chapters – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of the next three chapters of the ‘Moving To Visual Studio 2010’ ebook, available in PDF and XPS formats
  • Class Definitions: Binding Contracts And Agreements To Get Things Done – Derick Bailey looks at the difference in nature of the class definition between C# and Ruby programming languages, suggesting that C# is like a strict legal contract, and Ruby is like a handshake and cooperative agreement.
  • Every Program There Is, Part Six – Eric Lippert continues his series on exploring the space of all programs that are possible with a further look at the arithmetic grammar and the definition of it as an unambiguous grammar.
  • Why Raven DB? – Ayende talks about his motivations for creating the RavenDB project / product, looking at what it give him, you as a developer, and discusses the core feature list.
  • First 3 Videos – Building Tailspin Spyworks – Joe Stagner directs us to the first three videos which make up the start of the follow along series looking at building the Tailspin Spyworks Silverlight demo application
  • T4MVC Extension for MVC Partials – Evan Nagle talks through extending the T4MVC projects templates to include support for MVC Partials
  • C# 4.0/BCL 4 Series:Dynamic Primitive Type Part 1 – Sam Gentile continues his what’s new in C#4/.NET4 series with a look at the new dynamic functionality looking at the basic use, and giving some discussion of how it works under the hood
  • Passthrough Objects – Duck Typing++ – Elton Stoneman looks at using dynamic features (in this case using Castle Dynamic Proxy) to provide a means of mapping objects with similar behaviours but difference method implementation to conform to an interface.
  • Lazy<T> and IEnumerable<Lazy<T> support comes to Unity – Piotr W?odek looks at combining the Unity application block with the .NET 4 Lazy<T> functionality to allow the Unity container to provide implementations of Lazy<T> to your code.
  • Augmented Reality Domino Knock-Down Game – Ohan Oda walks through the creation of an Augmented Reality game using the open source Goblin XNA framework and XNA in this latest Coding4Fun article.
  • The CSS Corner: CSS3 Selectors – Sharon Newman talks about the CSS 3 Selectors which are now supported in the latest Internet Explorer 9 preview builds, looking at how they are used and what they can help you achieve.
  • Fun Visual Studio 2010 Wallpapers – Scott Guthrie highlights a community site which allows you to obtain community generated desktop wall papers featuring Visual Studio Branding, along with the ability to have them automatically delivered to your desktop in Windows 7