• SharpDevelop 3.2 RTW – ‘ChristophWille’ announces the release of SharpDevelop 3.2, the Open Source .NET IDE for Windows. This release adds support for IronRuby 1.0 and improves the IronPython support, and integrates SharpDevelop Reports. This release targets the .NET 2 CLR, Version 4 which will be in Beta soon will be their .NET 4 product.
  • The New Release of the Identity Training Kit works on VS2010! – Vittorio Bertocci highlights the updated release of the Identity Developer Training Kit which updates it to Visual Studio 2010 RTM and .NET 4. The previous version is still available if you are still working in .NET 3.5, however the training kits cannot be installed side by side.


  • Pinning Projects and Solutions with Visual Studio 2010 – Scott Guthrie continues with his series of posts on what’s new in Visual Studio 2010 with a look at some project loading enhancements when you run on Windows 7, and some corresponding features within the Visual Studio 2010 IDE.
  • New IDE Features in Visual Studio 2010 for C# Developers – The C# Team take you on a quick tour of the new Visual Studio 2010 IDE features which assist you in coding your C#, looking at some of the code generation, navigation, and editor enhancements
  • Parallel Performance Analysis in Visual Studio 2010 : Concurrency Visualizer Feature Grab Bag – James Rapp of the Parallel Computing Platform Team shows off some of the great features of the Concurrency Visualizer which allows you to see when and what your threads are doing within your application
  • C# 4.0/BCL 4 Series: BigInteger – Sam Gentile is in the midst of a blog series on the new features of the C# 4 release and the BCL 4. This post looks at the new BigInteger Class, and others in the series include a look at System.Tuple, Complex, and there are lots of other good posts planned.
  • Globalizing ASP.NET MVC Client Validation – Phil Haack explores a way of Globalizing the client side validation used in ASP.NET MVC, and shows an example in Spanish which illustrates the differences in numerical entry in different cultures, and how it causes problems with validation.
  • Integrating HTML into Silverlight Applications – Dan Wahlin looks at a couple of techniques for including HTML Content into your Silverlight applications, illustrating with example and sample code.
  • Every Program There Is, Part Five – Eric Lippert continues his series of posts on mathematically generating every program there is with a look at the possibilities for using recursion to prove the statements, and look at techniques for reducing the problem space. Truly mind bending stuff.
  • Build Tools Roundup For .NET Systems – Derick Bailey takes a look at the various Build tools available for building .NET Applications, looking at the technology behind them, the style of the build language, and example build config, and sharing some general thoughts.
  • Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Async Method Chaining – Matthew Podwysocki presses on with his series on the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript with a look at how you can create functions which allow method chaining, but maintain an async aspect to allow, for example, fetching of data from an external web service.
  • Do you care about the performance of your .NET application? – Red Gate Software are offering the free download of their eBook ‘Performance Testing and Optimization – The Complete Guide’, written by Paul Glavich and Chris Farrell. This eBook was originally highlighted in The Morning Brew back in February as a preview of the first part, and now the full book is available.
  • Understanding T4: <#@ parameter #> directive – Oleg Sych takes a look at the new Parameter directive introduced to the T4 template language in VS2010 which makes it much easier to pass parameter into your templates for use within the template
  • JavaScript Coding Standards – Simon Ince shares some work he has been carrying out with Stuart Leeks on creating a Coding Standards document for JavaScript code working with the Ajax Control Toolkit, and covers the usual areas of Naming standards, style, programming and design guidelines.
  • Using C# Compiler as a Service in F#, PoshConsole (Powershell) – Naveen takes a look at the Mono Compiler as a Service running against the .NET Framework to allow interactive compilation of code at runtime, bringing about new possibilities for extension of applications.


  • Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight Gotchas – The Edge UG resume their normal meeting schedule with an event on Wednesday 19th May at Microsoft’s London Offices. This event sees two talks, with Ray Booysen talking on real world Silverlight, and Paul Foster talking on the Windows Phone 7 platform.