• Announcing Fiddler 2.2.9 – Eric Lawrence announces the latest release of the Fiddler Web Debugger which includes a number of new features, along with some significant performance and architectural improvements. Eric also announces the new Fiddler Blog, the new home for news about all things Fiddler
  • S#arp Architecture 1.5 released – Alec Whittington announces the release of S#arp Architecture 1.5, the first release since he took stewardship of the project, which introduces ASP.NET MVC2 support, VS2010 using .NET 3.5 support, along with updates to all the libraries which make up the project.
  • Pex 0.91 is out! – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux announces the latest release of the Pex Automated white box testing project from Microsoft Research. This release can be found on MSDN, the Visual Studio Gallery and the Microsoft Research Project site, and brings VS2010 RTM support and x64 support, along with the usual improvements and enhancements.
  • Microsoft StyleCop going open! – Greg Duncan highlights the news that Microsoft StyleCop is going to be moved to the Open Source Microsoft Permissive License (MS-PL), and the project will move to being hosted on CodePlex with full code available.


  • Don’t overlook Enterprise Library 5.0 Migration Guide – Grigori Melnik talks about the Enterprise Library 5 release, and highlights a valuable piece of guidance included which will help with migrating your projects to the new release from versions 3.1, 4.0 and 4.1.
  • Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Going Parallel with ForkJoin – Matthew Podwysocki continues his Reactive Extensions in JavaScript series with a look at how the latest Reactive Extensions Release enabled parallel programming in JavaScript using the Fork/Join pattern
  • What is New in ASP.NET 4.0 Code Access Security – Xiaohong Tang of the ASP.NET QA Team looks at the changes to Code access Security (CAS) in .NET 4 and how it relates to ASP.NET
  • Exploring UnhandledException in .NET and Watson buckets – Naveen takes a look at the undocumented Windbg SOS extension function !WatsonBuckets, and looks at how you can obtain additional information using the CLR hosting interface to debug exceptions.
  • A Gentle Introduction to WCF – Martin Rue takes an introductory look at Windows Communication Foundation WCF, looking at the basics of creating, hosting and consuming WCF services in .NET
  • A gotcha for those Fluent interfaces – Rob Ashton talks about a tricky gotcha when creating fluent interfaces using the lambda based GetProperty implementation
  • The Agile Visitor – Derek Greer talks about an implementation of the Vistor Pattern which combines it with the Strategy pattern to help avoid some of the Single Resposibility violations which can occur in the standard visitor pattern,
  • First 3 ASP.NET MVC for the Rest of Us Videos – Joe Stagner shares the first three videos in his ASP.NET MVC For the Rest Of Us videocast series, sharing almost 1.5 hours of content starting from the first principles of ASP.NET MVC.
  • First three NHibernate quickstart tutorials available – Bob Palmer announces the publication of the first three NHibernate quick start tutorials, starting with the basics of NHibernate in part 1, and moving on to look at the repository implementation in part 2, and the mapping of object relations in part 3.
  • WCF RIA Services – Hands On Lab – John Papa goes through the step by step process of building his Silverlight 4 Launch demo application, looking at the implementation of the WCF services back end and binding the data to the Silverlight UI.
  • Game programming in F# with Silverlight and WPF) – Windows Live – Brian McNamara shares the details of building a simple game using Silverlight, WPF and XAML and F# to implement a breakout clone in 400 lines of code – impressive stuff,