• Spec Explorer 2010, Release 3.2 Now Available! – Robert DuWors of the Spec Explorer Team announces the latest release of Spec Explorer 2010. This release targets Visual Studio 2010 Professional and higher, and brings with it a number of new features, including automation support, improved documentation, a new wizard for creating models, and a Choice API which adds better support for alternative responses in the application under test.
  • RIA Services Release Candidate 2… – Deepesh Mohnani highlights the release of the Second Release Candidate release of the .NET Rich Internet Application (RIA) Services, a release which is compatible with the Silverlight 4 RTM and Visual Studio 2010 RTM.
  • MonoMac Bindings: Blending Cocoa and .NET on OSX – Miguel de Icaza highlights a new release from the Mono Project, a side project which makes building Cocoa based applications which run on OSX using C# and .NET but with functionality bound to the native OSX functionality.
  • Castle Windsor – Silverlight 4 binaries – Giorgetti Alessandro shares built assemblies of his Fork of the Castle Windsor IoC Container which will run under Silverlight 4.



  • DDD South West – Registration for DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper South West 2.0, a free community event to be held in Bristol on Saturday 5th June opens at 10am today. The DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper series of conferences are a wonderful set of events, and I have the pleasure of joining the conference as a speaker. Registration is sure to fill up quickly, so make sure you register early if you want to attend.
  • Service Broker (Intro + Guidance), Indexing (Selection, Usage, Fragmentation etc…), Normalisation, Surrogate Keys – Locking considerations – UK SQL Server User Group are running an event at Microsoft’s Reading Campus on Wednesday 21st April, where Tony Rogerson will talk on the subject of Sets, Normalisation, Surrogate keys and Referential Integrity, and Neil Hambly will look at the Service Broker and Indexing. The event is free, and starts around 6pm.


  • Team Hanselman and Diabetes Walk 2010 – Well known developer and all round good guy Scott Hanselman is going to be taking part in the Diabetes Walk 2010, and is aiming to raise $50,000 for charity. If you are in a position to help out in this aim, please give generously.