Had another enjoyable evening at the UK Techdays Fringe event last night, hosted by the UK AzureNET Usergroup (details of their next meeting in today’s community section).



  • Links to .NET Framework 4 deployment guides – Aaron Stebner highlights the MSDN Deployment Guides for .NET 4, giving you all the details of the various means of supplying the .NET Framework to your customers
  • The .NET Framework 4 Installer Improvements – Peter Marcu takes a look at the improvements to the installer of the .NET Framework, comparing back over the 3.5 release, and .NET 4 beta and RTM versions, talking about the ways the improvements were made.
  • What’s new in T4 in Visual Studio 2010 – Gareth Jones takes a look at the vast number of improvements in the T4 Templating provided in Visual Studio 2010, looking at them from the point of view of Template Authors and CustomTool builders.
  • What happens to C# 4 optional parameters when compiling against 3.5? – Tales from the Evil Empire – Bertrand Le Roy talks about how the C#4 optional parameters feature degrades when you compile against .NET 3.5, and how you may need to offer additional constructors/methods with other overloads.
  • How to Migrate Your .NET 3.5 App to .NET 4 – Bruce D. Kyle highlights the MSDN Migration documentation which details known differences from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4 in various technology areas to help you in the migration process of moving your applications from 3.5 to 4.0
  • POSTing JSON Data to MVC Controllers – Javier G. Lozano takes a look at using jQuery to create JSON data and post it to an ASP.NET MVC Controller to perform actions on your web pages without a page refresh.
  • Cyclomatic Complexity – What Is It and Why Should You Care? – Julias Shaw takes a look at the Cyclomatic Complexity software metric, which provides an indicator of how complicated a particular piece of code is. Examples here are in Java, however the concept and discussion applies to all languages
  • Unit Testable WCF Web Services in MVVM and Silverlight 4 – lobodan Pavkov takes a look at building Webservices using WCF and consuming them for MVVM development in Silverlight 4 with particular consideration to making the implementation clean and testable. This one is a pretty long article, exploring some key technologies with plenty of code to look at (All of which is available for download)
  • C# TDD Videos – You asked for them – Brett Schuchert shares some rough cuts of a C# version of his TDD video series (originally in Java)
  • Using VS2010 to edit F#; source code (and a little LOGO EDSL) – Brian McNamara talks about the Editor support in Visual Studio 2010, and provides a link to the screencast showing this, along with the sample Embedded Domain Specific Language (EDSL) shown in the video.


  • UK AzureNET User Group: The Power of Three – The UK AzureNET User Group announce their next event, to be held on the evening of Thursday 27th May, in the Microsoft London offices. This event sees 3 talks, looking at Azure apps in Java, Patterns for Windows Azure, and a look at Risk Metrics, a real Azure based application. Round that off with plenty of swag and pizza and you have a fine event.