• posh-git Release v0.1 – Keith Dahlby shares the 0.1 release of his project ‘posh-git’ a PowerShell environment for working with the git version control system


  • How to write custom static code analysis rules and integrate them into Visual Studio 2010 – Duke Kamstra shares some work by Todd King of the Code Analysis Team looks at how Visual Studio 2010 Premium and Ultimate edition users can create custom Static Code Analysis rules for inclusion in the static test VS performs.
  • Querying the Future With Reactive Extensions – Phil Haack talks about enumeration over computed collections, and shares some of his introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (from non-other than Matthew Podwysocki) and shows how adding Rx to existing code to simplify it is very achievable.
  • F# async on the client side – Brian McNamara takes a look at using F#’s Async capabilities to help make programming on the UI thread easier, illustrating with two examples, a clock, and a visual effect of text chasing a cursor.
  • Time Flies Like An Arrow in F# and the Reactive Extensions for .NET – Matthew Podwysocki follows on from Brian’s post with a look at solving the same Text Follows the Cursor example using only F# events and the Reactive Extensions for .NET
  • F# async on the server side – Brian follows on from his own post, returning to more familiar async territory, looking at how F# makes Async programming on the server side, comparing with similar implementations in C#
  • Functional Dependency Injection == Currying – Mike Hadlow talks about the familiar Dependency injection in OO languages like C#, and compares it to the functional programming equivalent, which, it turns out, is currying
  • In TDD Red is not ‘does not compile’ – Ian Cooper takes a look at one of the myths of TDD, explaining that the ‘Red’ state in Test Driven Development is actually a very important stage, and discusses why it is not simply that the code does not compile.
  • Don’t Give Up on the State Pattern Just Yet – Revisited – Jan Van Ryswyck continues exploring the state pattern, taking another look at how it can be improved upon, this time utilising duck typing, and shows how you don’t have to wait for .NET 4 and the dynamic keyword to experiment with this stuff.
  • Creating an OData API for StackOverflow including XML and JSON in 30 minutes – Scott Hanselman puts his money where is mouth is (in a coding sense) and shows how to create an OData API for the popular StackOverflow site (in just 30 minutes). Scott also has another interesting post on the improvements to .NET 4 Web Application Startup Time, comparing the startup time of a number of common .NET applications running on ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.
  • LINQ: Single vs. First – Paulo Morgado discusses the correct use of the Single method in LINQ, and how its behaviour of throwing exceptions if there is more than one item is useful in certain circumstances.
  • Using Delegates in C# (Part 1) & Part 2 – Raj Kaimal gives an overview of the delegate implementations in .NET, starting from the basics in the first part, and moving on to look at the more advanced topics of predefined delegates, lambda expressions and the var keyword in part 2
  • That No SQL Thing – Ayende talks about the strong hold that Relational Databases have over data storage, and talks about how No SQL database provide a valid solution to a number of shortcomings in RDBMS. Interesting discussion in the comments. Ayende also outlines his criteria for evaluating No SQL databases in his post That No SQL Things – How to evaluate?


  • Retlang – ThoughtWorks Manchester GeekNights – This Wednesday (31st March) sees the latest instalment of the Manchester GeekNight Series, with Ian Cartwright talking on the .NET Concurrency Framework Retlang, and how it allows you to work in a multi threaded way with Winforms. The event is free, but registration is required.
  • Techniques in Advanced .NET Debugging with John Robbins – Kirk Evans highlights a half day event to be held in Microsofts Alpharetta office, which will be simulcast on the web allowing non-local attendees to take part. The event sees John Robbins talk on moving your debugging skills to the next level, and takes place on 13th April from 1pm-5pm Eastern (evening here in the UK)
  • Introduction to Application Development With Silverlight 4 – Scottish Developers welcome Jesse Liberty to two events in late April. This one takes place in Dundee on the evening of 19h April, and is followed the next day with Silverlight 4, MVVM and Test-Driven Development to be held at Microsoft’s Edinburgh office on the evening of the 10th April.