• Developer Certification WTF? – ‘Uncle’ Bob Martin discusses the thorny issue of Developer Certification, talking about some of the inherent problems with the current model of certification in our industry, comparing with other industries, and considering if internships actually may provide a solution.
  • Using Copy-On-Write In Multi-threaded Code To Reduce Locking Overhead – Davy Brion explores the ‘copy on write’ method of making a thread safe collection with lower locking overhead than the traditional lock on read and lock on write approach, discussing some of the more difficult issues with this way of working.
  • VcsSurvey – Martin Fowler follows on from his recent Version Control discussions by sharing some survey results on peoples satisfaction with the various version control systems in common use currently, giving some idea of wider feelings on the subject.
  • WPF and Text Blurriness, now with complete Clarity – Scott Hanselman talks about the improvements to text clarity in the latest WPF build, comparing its graphical output to that of the .NET 3.5 edition showing that while the differences in text rendering are small, they do make a big difference.
  • CQRS Performance Engineering: Read vs Read/Write Models – Derick Bailey looks at one of the useful side effects of Command Query Responsibility Separation, that in addition to providing easier to work with single purpose code, it also makes engineering the application for performance much easier.
  • Introducing the Earthquake Locator – A Bing Maps Silverlight Application, part 1 – Bobby Diaz looks at consuming Bing Maps in a Silverlight application and combining it with a data feed of earthquakes and volcanoes. Full source is provided for this worked example.
  • How to Create a Powershell 2.0 Module and Cmdlet with Visual Studio 2010 (Screencast included) – Saveen Reddy shares a step by step blog post and screen cast exploring building a module for use in Powershell 2, illustrating with a simple example module which shows the core concepts.
  • Building Hello MEF – Part IV – DeploymentCatalog – Glenn Block continues his series of posts looking at building his PDC HelloMEF dashboard with part 4 upgrading to the latest Silverlight 4 MEF bits and looking at the DeploymentCatalog, and Part V takes a look at moving the application to a View Model pattern.


  • "Leading-edge Web Development with ASP.NET MVC" with Steven Sanderson – Tuesday 11th May sees Steve Sanderson deliver his talk on Web Development in ASP.NET MVC at DotNetDevNet hosted at The University of the West of England in Bristol. Steve is a well known speaker and author on the ASP.NET MVC framework, and this is sure to be a useful event.
  • Lessons learned from building the NHibernate Profiler – Ayende shares the video recording of his recent SkillsMatter session on ‘Lessons Learned from building the NHibernate Profiler’ giving some insight on the product, his development methodology, and the design of the products infrastructure