• ReSharper 5 Beta 2 Released – JetBrains announce the release of ReSharper 5 Beta 2 which now includes support for the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate along with improved ASP.NET MVC 2 support along with improvements in usability and in the structural search functionality
  • NDepend v3 RC available – Patrick Smacchia announces the first release candidate of NDepend 3. Existing customers will find that their V2 license will work with the pro edition of this release candidate, and new users will be able to get a limited time free trial for the V3 Pro
  • AutoPex – Jason Bock announces the 0.1 release of AutoPex, a tool which works with Pex to provide a means of automatically running Pex on methods that have been changed in an assembly, by using the CCI framework to detect changes in the assembly and then firing up Pex to test those methods.


  • What have we been up to? – Miguel de Icaza gives a ‘state of the union’ round up of what has been going on in the Mono space over the past few months
  • VersionControlTools – Martin Fowler talks about one of the most talked about classes of developer tool – the version control system – looking at the factors that effect the recommendability of a tool, and surveying the version control landscape.
  • New MEF Drop (Preview 9) on CodePlex! – Mike Taulty highlights the latest release of the Managed Extensibility Framework, highlighting a number of good resources for more MEF information, and reviews some of the changes that are of particular interest to the Silverlight developer
  • ASP.NET MVC 2 Model Validation With Localization – Mickael Chambaud follows on from his previous post on Model Validation in ASP.NET MVC 2 with a look at how you can localize your validation messages using resource files, and how ASP.NET provides support for detecting the language of your user
  • ASP.NET 4.0, Part 4: Config Transformation Files – Dan Maharry continues his review of the Config File changes in ASP.NET 4 with a look at the support for applying transformations to the XML config in different scenarios.
  • "Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions" – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of this E-Book for Free until the end of this month (Feb 2010), which looks at the usage of the Microsoft Virtualisation technologies.
  • Code Contracts By Example – Roy Dictus takes a look at the Code Contracts functionality of .NET 4, showing them in use with plenty of code samples.
  • Fun and Games with NHibernate and String Keys – Dylan Beattie blogs about an interesting performance problem when working with NHibernate entities which use a string as their identifier when querying for those entities, caused by casts between string data lengths.
  • Tamper Proofing – an implementation (Part 2) – Paul Mason continues with his implementation of tamper proofing for use in NCloak, resulting in a working solution ready to be integrated with NCloak


  • Microsoft UK TechDays – London – April 12th to 16th – Mike Taulty highlights the annoucement of the UK TechDays events, including the Visual Studio 2010 launch event. This is a whole week of free all day events held in London, covering the VS2010 release, new functionality of teh release, along with developing for Windows 7 and the Windows Phone. It looks like similar events are running in other countries (for instance, Microsoft TechDays 2010 Portugal over 3 days (20, 21 and 22 of April) in Portugal, including some Alt.Net related talks)
  • SQLBits – The 6th Sets – 16 Apr 2010 – London – Sql Bits runs on the 16th April in London, and offers a great alternative to the Microsoft TechDays Windows Mobile session as a way to close out a week of tech events in the city. Registration has yet to open, however you can now submit your session proposals if you are interested in presenting at the event.