Welcome to 2010! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year and is ready and raring to go for the new year. Also, congratulations to all the New and Renewed MVPs.


  • First Autofac 2 Beta Available – Nicholas Blumhardt announces the first beta release of Autofac 2. This updated IoC implementation introduces some name changes since its 1.0 release along with updates and improvements to registration, instantiation and lifecycle management.
  • NHibernateDataSource – Ricardo Peres shares a proof of concept implementation of a DataSource provider for NHibernate backed data store, which uses the NHContrib NHibernateContext to provide LINQ to NHibernate support. Ricardo follows on with ASP.NET Dynamic Data NHibernate Provider which adds support for NHibernate entities for ASP.NET Dynamic Data
  • Fluent.NET Released – Chris Eargle announces the release of Fluent.NET 1.0, his project which takes standard .NET APIs and wraps them in a fluent interface which aims to make them easier to read (in a left to right sense)