• Underscore.js gets some updates with 0.5 – Ajaxian highlights the latest updates to the Underscore JavaScript library, which aims to bring functional programming helpers to JavaScript without extending exiting core objects.


  • Introducing Siege – Marcus Bratton introduces his new project ‘Siege’ a framework he will be constructing which will adhere to the development practices outline in his introductory post. Marcus then moves on to looking at his Service Location implementation in his follow on post The Siege Project: Siege.ServiceLocation Part 1 – Introduction and General Use
  • What training doesn’t teach you about reading from .Net configuration – Jeffrey Palermo takes a look at some best practices for working with the .NET Configuration explaining how most training in this area explains the API, but does not really explain how you should implement it in your code for testability purposes
  • Any() versus Count() – Chris Eargle talks about the difference between performing a check using .Count == 0 and .Any(), focusing in on how count causes the whole collection to be enumerated, illustrating with an example.
  • Comments and Tasks in Visual Studio – Dan Gilleland talks about a number of custom markers he uses in comments and how Visual Studio can convert them into tasks (thanks to Scott Hanselman [@shanselman] for the tip to this post)
  • Understanding Certificate Name Mismatches – Eric Lawrence talks about an investigation he did about certificate mismatches on SSL sites in different IE versions, along the way talking about how HTTPS works
  • GC Performance Patterns – ‘Matt’ posts on the ‘A View into the Behavior of Your Parallel Application Blog’ talking about a pattern which results in poor performance due to excessive pressure on the Garbage collector, looking at how it effects the different garbage collection modes
  • Test Impact Analysis in Visual Studio 2010 – Peter Huene explores the Test Impact Analysis features of Visual Studio 2010 Premium and Ultimate Editions, showing step by step with screen shots how this feature can be used
  • Enterprise Library 5.0 preview video posted – Grigori Melnik shares the video from his presentation at the Patterns and Practices Redmond summit in October where he shows various new features of the Enterprise Library V5
  • Localizing ASP.NET MVC Validation – Phil Haack continues his series of posts looking at the new features of ASP.NET MVC 2 with a look at how you can go about localizing the validation messages displayed when doing custom Validations
  • Testing CRUD Operations With NHibernate – Davy Brion shares a simple base class which provides the groundwork for testing Create Read Update and Delete functionality of NHibernate types
  • Writing Unit Tests for Data Access Code – Phil Sandler shares his opinion and talks about some of the methods of testing data access code
  • Building a recommendation engine in NHibernate – Ayende shows off some complex queries built to show how you can (but probably shouldn’t) build a recommendation engine using and NHibernate based data store.
  • Overriding generic component’s resolution in Castle Windsor – Krzysztof Kozmic shows two different ways in which you can override the resolution process for a component which is generic when using Castle Windsor, allowing you to return a generic component in the general case, but returning another implementation in the case of a specific value for the type parameter
  • Query transformations are syntactic – Eric Lippert talks about the two different ways of writing a LINQ query in C#, how they are equivalent due to the way the compiler converts the syntax, and some of the interesting side effects of this
  • Implementation on Interfaces – Chis Eargle talks about a useful side effect of Extension Methods which allow you to provide some implementation on interfaces, illustrating with an example.