Only 10 more editions until I reach the 500 edition milestone – I really need to get started planning something special.


  • MVC Turbine v2.0 RTM – Javier G. Lozano announces the release of Version 2 of MVC Turbine, a project which brings IOC into the heart of ASP.NET MVC providing realdy made means to have controllers, binders, view engines, etc automatically wired together using the powers of IOC
  • T4CSS: A T4 Template for .Less CSS With Compression – Phil Haack embraces the .less CSS processor which adds the ability to have variables, operators, etc in your CSS which gets processed out at delivery time. Phil contributes some support for generating static CSS files using T4 and .less, along with optionally compressing using the YUI Compressor.
  • Surface SDK Now Broadly Available – Bruce D. Kyle highlights the availability of the workstation edition of the Microsoft Surface SDK, which allows you to develop and test Surface applications without needing the actual surface hardware
  • MEF Refresh of Preview 8 for Silverlight – Glenn Block highlights the release of a minor update to the Managed Extensibility Framework for Silverlight preview 8 release, made last month which fixes a serious bug



  • Write Extensions for the Visual Studio 2010 Editor – Kate Gregory shares another Talk on Code Project, providing demos, speaker notes, the presentation files and the code samples to illustrate alongside the presentation, along with videos of the demos. This really is everything you need to deliver her talk on extensibility of the Visual Studio 2010 Editor