• Announcing PostSharp 2.0 CTP 2 – The PostSharp team announce the release of their second CTP of PostSharp 2.0. This updated release brings support for .NET 4 / Visual Studio 2010 and Mono 2.4, and is set to expire on 1st February 2010
  • NHibernate 2.1.2 – Released on Sunday with very little noise in the community, NHibernate 2.1.2 contains a couple of minor changes, improvements and bugfixes over the previous 2.1.1 release


  • Now Available: Final PDF of the Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, Second Edition – J.D. Meier announces the release of the final PDF of the Patterns and Practices Application Architecture Guide Second Edition. This release is also available in HTML and Printed (via Amazon) formats and is supported by a CodePlex knowledge base
  • Data Services Release Plan Update – Mike Flasko of the ADO.NET Data Services Team talks about their plans for the release of ADO.NET Data Services 1.5 as a Framework Update rather than a side by side release for .NET 3.5 and how it will be included directly in the .NET 4 release.
  • Silverlight Salmagundi – Joey deVilla shares a comprehensive list of the new features of Silverlight 4 with links to Tim Heuer’s resources on each features, alogn with the links to the required and optional tool installs to get you working with Silverlight 4, and some video content to help you learn
  • Application Accessibility Testing – Ivo Manolov talks about testing your WPF and Silverlight applications for accessibility compliance, reviewing what accessibility means, what APIs are provided and a process and details of tools to test the different areas of compliance
  • What’s new for editor extenders in Beta 2? – Noah Richards of the Visual Studio Editor Team highlights the new features of the Visual Studio Editor which can be utilised for extensibility, and how it differs from the previous incarnation
  • An Engineer’s Guide to DNS – Yahoo! Developer Network follow on from their article on Bandwidth a few months ago with this indepth look at what the Domain Name System is all about, and how it relates to software engineers
  • Getting Started with Entity Framework 4 – Complex Types and Entities – Eric Nelson presses ahead with the 4th part of his series looking at the Entity Framework 4 which looks at the use of complex types in the Entity Data Model Designer. Eric also answers a common question in his post QandA: Is the ADO.NET Entity Data Model designer fixed in .NET 4?
  • Tap into the power of the Windows 7 Taskbar – Paul Foster looks into the various Windows 7 taskbar integrations which are made possible and easy using the samples in the Windows 7 API Code Pack
  • Windows 7’s solution to beta software – Jeffrey Palermo shares a useful tip for anyone running Windows 7 who wants an easier way to test beta software with less risk to their main Windows install
  • Populating Hierarchical Data Using Model Binders in ASP.NET MVC Application – Mohammad Azam explores the use of ASP.NET Model Binders to work with nested entities such as a customer with multiple addresses. Sample project for the code discussed is also provided
  • Dynamic objects and ReSharper – Hadi Hariri shows how working with the .NET 4 Dynamic types is made much easier using ReSharper in Visual Stuidio 2010
  • The joy of MSpec – Mike Hadlow takes a first look at using the MSpec framework to write behavioural tests for his code and finds he really likes the syntax
  • Use Dependency Injection To Simplify Application Settings – Patrick Steele looks at how you can use Dependency Injection to decouple your configuration by inserting a class between your configuration consuming code and the means of access to the config and have that class supplied by Dependency Injection.