• Visual Studio 2010 Power +25 with PowerCommands 10.0 – Greg Duncan highlights the release of PowerCommands 10.0 which bring the PowerCommands Extensions to Visual Studio up to date with VS2010 support offering extensions within numerous parts of the IDE
  • ADO.Net Entity Framework Community Technology Preview Released! – The ADO.NET Entity Framework Team announce the release out their latest Features CTP, which brings a number of new enhancements to Code Only support, code generation support for self tracking entities for WCF / multi tier applications. This release supports Visual Studio 2010 beta 2
  • Introducing Debugging for MonoTouch – Miguel de Icaza announces the release of MonoTouch 1.2, the library that brings multi touch support to Mono for developing iPhone/iPod applications. The significant new feature for this release is the ability to debug on the simulator and iPhone
  • Code Review Plug-in for Visual Studio 2008, ReviewPal – Chathuranga K.W. releases a Visual Studio Plug-In which adds support for performing Code Reviews to Visual Studio 2008. This is very similar to an Add-in I started writing a while back, and looks like it might be very useful, one to check out for sure
  • OpenRasta 2.0 RC – Seb Lambla announces the Release Candidate release of OpenRasta 2.0, his resource oriented framework for building MVC web applications.


  • Getting Started with Clojure in .net – on code – ‘On Code’ blog highlights the existence of a CLR port of the Java Clojure language with the start of this series looking at the installation and some of the getting started concepts of the language
  • Selective Unit Testing – Costs and Benefits – Steve Sanderson discusses the merits of testing different types of code, looking at the how the costs of testing vary, along with the difficulty of testing cost benefit analysis of testing certain types, suggesting that it may be worth investigating other types of testing where TDD offers less value return
  • F# 1.9.7 Language Specification Now Available – Don Syme highlights the availability of the F# 1..9.7 language specification which matches with the team’s latest releases. They plan some minor updates the the document over the coming weeks
  • Introduction to WPF 4 Multitouch – Jaime Rodriguez gives a nice introduction to the MultiTouch support for raw-touch and manipulation in Windows Presentation Foundation 4, sharing sample applications to illustrate the various points in the tutorial
  • A RouteHandler for IHttpHandlers – Phil Haack explores how you could implement RouteHandlers for your IHttpHandlers to allow you to register routes to particular HttpHandlers, along with a sample project illustrating the technique
  • Automapper Auto Profile Registration – Eric Hexter talks about his experiments with smaller Automapper profiles, and shows a method of registering them more easily which is a massive help when you have lots of small ones
  • Letters from the editor : What’s new for extenders in Beta 2? – Noah Richards highlights some of the differences in Visual Studio Editor extensibility between Beta 1 and Beta 2 releases, a useful translation when, if like me, you are investigating extensibility in Beta 2 and finding lots of resources talking about beta 1
  • Visual Studio 2010: UML modeling projects – Gunnar Peipman shows some of the support for UML Modelling available in Visual Studio 2010 Modelling Projects, illustrated with a series of screenshots
  • Revisiting randomness – Jon Skeet looks at providing a better version of his static Random Number generator which aims to improve the randomness of numbers by not constantly recreating the random generator with similar seeds, and to offer better multithreading support than his previous version
  • Writing Presentable Code Pt.1 – Properties and Variables – David Whitney discusses his coding style in detail, providing his justifications to certain decisions. This one is probably most useful if you don’t agree with the standards David uses as it provides the reasoning you might need to see why people do do things that way.
  • Using Windsor to inject dependencies into ASP.NET MVC ActionFilters – Patrick Steele pieces together a means of allowing a Windsor Container to be used to inject dependencies into ASP.NET MVC ActionFilters, drawing on a number of posts from elsewhere to utilise some of their techniques