• Windows 7 Virtual Presskit – Windows 7 Launch day seems to have gone pretty well, with lots of press coverage, and plenty of blog posts over the past 2 days. This link will take you to the video of Steve Balmer presenting the keynote from the New York Launch event.


  • Repositories don’t have save methods – Richard Dingwall argues that a correct DDD style repository does not have a save method, and should instead have a collection like interface, meaning Add is more appropriate
  • Linq to NHibernate Progress Report – Steve Strong gives another update on his work on a full Linq provider for NHibernate, showing the improvements he has been making to the translation from Linq to NHibernate queries, including correct parametrisation of queries
  • Where is C# in the Programming Language Lifecycle? – K. Scott Allen asks an interesting question about where in its lifecycle the C# Language actually is, based upon a lifecycle defined by Robin Sharp. I’m looking forward to some interesting discussion on this one.
  • No JavaScript IntelliSense in VS 2010 Beta 2? Reset your Settings – Rick Strahl highlights a problem he encountered wtih the JavaScript Intellisense (or rather a lack thereof), along with the fix to get it working. If you are in a similar situation, resetting your settings will unleash one of the more incredible features of VS2010 – I was very impressed with the JS Intellisense when I saw it demoed
  • Migrating to Postgresql with my friend NHibernate – Karl Seguin talks about the process of changing database engine when you have utilised NHibernate as a persistence framework, highlighting some of the problems they encountered along the way. Ayende follows up showing a work around for handling DB errors better between dialects in his post ‘Database independence with NHibernate
  • The Microsoft Ajax Library and Visual Studio Beta 2 – Stephen Walther talks about the Microsoft Ajax Library in Visual Studio 2010 beta 2, about the name change from ASP.NET Ajax and why the team have moved to out of band releases rather than packaging with a particular version
  • Castle Windsor forwarded types and proxies – Krzysztof Kozmic digs into some more advanced Castle Windsor functionality, allowing for the same component to be used for multiple services, and proxying such a component
  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Available Now! – Chris Schmich shares some screenshots showing the Performance Analysis features of Visual Studio 2010 in operation, yet another feature to add to the ‘must check out’ list
  • New features in Entity Framework impacting providers – Noam Ben-Ami & Kati Iceva highlight some of the changes in Provider support within Entity Framework which will affect people developing their own providers
  • C# Static interfaces – Jérémie Chassaing muses about the possible uses of static interfaces if they were provided, and clarifies in a follow up post illustrating with a clearer example in the post ‘C# Static interfaces – Take 2


  • C4MVC UI Testing screencast posted – Jimmy Bogard shares the link to the video of his session for the virtual Community for MVC.Net event on testing the UI in ASP.NET MVC earlier this week. I enjoyed watching the parts I saw live (I had some internet connection issues) and will be catching up on the bits I missed with this video
  • Announcing the first Cambridge AltNetBeers – StackOverflow edition – Seb Lambla announces a new AltNet Beers event to be held in Cambridge after the StackOverflow Dev Day to allow you to get your fix of open spaces discussion after the Dev-Day event