• Code Contracts Preview: Invariants – Dino Esposito continues his DotNetSlackers article series on the Code Contracts functionality of .NET 4 with a look at the use of invariants and looking at the role they play in inheritance and also in the class design process
  • VS10 Beta 2 From an ASP.NET MVC Perspective – Phil Haack talks about the ASP.NET MVC 2 inclusion in Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 Beta 2, highlighting the significant features, and talking about upgrading projects to VS2010
  • 31 Days of Refactoring eBook – Sean Chambers shares the PDF E-Book edition of his Refactoring Blog Series posted back in August kindly produced by Simone Chiaretta
  • Testability Of Date-Dependent Code – Davy Brion talks about two common techniques to enable the reliable testing of Date based code either by providing the date obtaining routine with a service which can be overridden for testing, or by routing all calls for dates through a custom static method which can be provided with dates to return
  • Strongly Typed ASP.Net MVC Helpers – Sean McAlinden shows how you can create strongly typed helper methods for use in ASP.NET MVC Views by using lambda expressions to specify what are often magic strings in the standard framework helper methods
  • Set up Spring.Net IoC with ASP.Net MVC – Sean McAlinden also shows how you can utilise the Inversion of Control Container from Spring.Net in ASP.NET MVC by extending the default controller factory to create controllers through the Spring container
  • MVC 2 Areas and Containers – K. Scott Allen also argues for the use of DefaultControllerFactory as a base class for your own controllerfactory implementations as it includes a lot of the namespace identification routines that support areas, and allow your controllerfactory to make use of that without any work
  • Microsoft Ajax Minifier VS YUI Compressor – Ajaxian compares the newly released Microsoft Ajax Minifier with the more established Yahoo YUI Compressor, looking at the differences between the minification techniques used by each.
  • Fixing the Visual Studio Add Reference Dialog – Quickly add a Project Reference – Brian Schmitt shares a macro which provides a quicker way to add interproject references between projects in the same solution by bypassing the standard Visual Studio 2008 References dialog
  • SQLite Nunit & Fluent Nhibernate – Test your data access layer – Dan Watson shares a number of code snippets which utilise SQLite and Fluent NHibernate to allow you to test your data code by using an in-memory database rather than the slower out of process fully relational database to provide you with quick running tests.
  • Writing Extension Methods in F# to Use in C# – David Morton shows that you can create extension methods in F# code and utilise them in your C#, perhaps providing a nice simple way of integrating and introducing functional F# code into your traditional C# projects
  • How to create your own virtual machine. – ‘icemanind’ shares a tutorial on CodeProject which looks at how you can create a virtual machine written in C#, providing an interesting insight into how virtual machines are implemented and work
  • To Brace or not to Brace in C# ifs and other Constructs – Peter Kellner asks one of the great coding style questions of all time, ‘do I have to use braces with that?’


  • Community For MVC.Net – Mid Oct Live Meeting – Tonight (UK) sees the Community for MVC.Net have their mid October live meeting. This meeting starts at 12 noon CST, which makes it early evening here in the UK. The speaker this time round is Jimmy Bogard talksing about testing the UI