• Announcing PostSharp 2.0 CTP1 – The PostSharp team announce the release of their first Community Technology Preview release of PostSharp 2. This version is a significant update and re-work of the the PostSharp product, and will eventually be released as commercial software
  • ReSharper 5.0: Intro – Looks like the first preview releases of ReSharper 5 are just around the corner, and the V5 product aims to support VS2010 as well as 2008, improved web development support along with the usual improvements to the code analysis it performs. Tim Barcz has had his hands on an early copy as he is a JetBrains .NET Academy Experts member and talks about Resharper 5.0 – Bookmarks , a new feature to aid code exploration.
  • Json.NET 3.5 Release 5 – .NET 2.0 Support, Error Handling & Databinding – James Newton-King announces the release of Version 3.5 Release 5 of his JSON framework for .NET, which brings support for .NET 2.0 meaning there is now an upgrade for people still running Json.NET 1.3.1. Also included are a number of other changes, new features and bug fixes
  • Ra-Ajax 2.0.3 Released – Kariem Ali announces the latest release of Ra-Ajax, which includes bug fixes and a new effect which allows the changing of CSS classes during chained events
  • Davide Mauri : QueryUnit POC v. – Davide Mauri announces the release of QueryUnitPOC v0.0.0.6, a testing framework for SQL Server and analysis services databases built on top of NUnit 2.5.1 but does not require any .NET knowledge to get up and running.



  • Languages on the Java VM – ThoughtWorks Manchester (UK) GeekNights events make a welcome return, and on the 21st October Sam Newman will be talksing on Clojure and Scala, two languages built on top of the JVM. These talks, while not .NET related have proved to be very interesting in the past, as have the discussions in the bar afterwards with a good group of agile developers. Well worth checking out if you are in the area.
  • Last Call: PDC09 $300 discount ends October 13 – Tomorrow is the end of the $300 off PDC registration. Also worthy of note is the $500 reduction you can get if you are a BizSpark programme participant