Many thanks to Greg Duncan for making ‘The Morning Brew’ the second feed featured in his ‘A Feed You Should Read‘ series


  • Doloto on DevLabs – Soma Segar announces the release of Doloto o the Microsoft DevLabs site. Doloto is a tool which aims to help mak the initial load size of modern ajax enabled sites smaller, and therefore make the application start quicker
  • ASP.NET MVC MvcSiteMapProvider 1.0 released – Maarten Balliauw announces the 1.0 release of his ASP.NET MVC Site Map Provider
  • .NET Micro Framework 4.0 Goes to Beta!!! – The .NET Micro Framework team announce the beta releases of the .NET Micro Framework 4.0. There are two beta programmes, one for the SDK and one for the porting kit. This post also summarises some of the new features
  • Exploitable Crash Analyzer – Sasha Goldshtein highlights the release of a debugger extension which looks into crash dumps and assesses the security risks associated with the the crash. Sasha also shows an example of the extension in use.