• Windows Azure Tools and SDK July 2009 CTP – Jim Nakashima shares the news of the July 2009 CTP release of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK. This release brings in support for multiple web or worker roles, TFS support and a number of stability improvements. Be sure to check out the two posts linked at the end of Jim’s post (also by Jim) which go into more detail on two of the new features.
  • Adventures of a ‘Devigner’ : Blacklight v4 for Silverlight 3 Released – Martin Grayson announces the release of Backlight 4 which now targets Silverlight 3, bringing a few new controls, and improvements to existing controls.
  • WiimoteLib 1.8 Beta 1 Posted – Brian Peek announces the beta release of WiimoteLib 1.8 the .NET library taht allows you to use your Wii remote with your .NET applications. This release brings support for MotionPlus.


  • Fast Forward: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 – Bruno Terkaly takes a look at some of the new .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 features in WPF and parallel programming in this detailed and screenshot/diagram rich post
  • Asynchronous programming in .NET survey – Josh Phillips of the Parallel Extensions Framework team appeals to the community to help them improve support for asynchronous programming by filling in a short questionnaire on Asynchronous Programming Model and Asynchronous Methods. If this stuff is something you care about go give them your opinion and help shape the future of .NET
  • Create NHibernate classes using T4 – Brendan Kowitz looks into using T4 templates to generate classes based on NHibernate Mappings. This is something that can be useful, and a few years back I wrote a Visual Studio custom tool which generated .NET classes from hbm files, so this is an interesting evolution of the idea
  • Comparing doubles can produce unexpected results – Kirill Osenkov reminds us to be aware of strange rounding issues when working with double precision numbers, and talks about a safer means of comparison.
  • New NCL Features in .NET 4.0 Beta 2 – The Network Class Library Team who look after the contents of the System.Net namespaces talk about some of the new features that will be being introduced in beta 2 of .NET 4, including enhancements to SSL Policy, Sockets, the SMPTClient, and HTTPWebRequest to name just a few
  • Unshackling IE8 Performance – Eric Law takes a look at some fo the common problems which cause Internet Explorer 8 to rune in a suboptimal way, a number of which apply to IE7 too.
  • Internet Explorer’s Cache-Control Extensions – Eric Law also shares some information about the extensions to Cache-Control included in Internet Explorer
  • Comparing Design Patterns in Ruby and C#: The Observer Pattern – John Miller continues a series of posts on Design Pattern comparisons in C# and Ruby with a look at the Observer Pattern, looking at the raw implementation in both languages, and also looking at where the languages make it easier to implement the pattern
  • Finding undisposed objects – S. Senthil Kumar introduces ‘Undisposed’ a tool he created to help identify undisposed objects in your code using the CLR profiling API to monitor finalisation of objects

  • What does an OutOfMemoryException in .NET (on 32 bit) really mean?
    – Robert Bogue takes a look at the actual meaning of a .NET Out of Memory exception and shares a few tips on things to do if you get out of memory exceptions without actually being out of memory on your machine
  • Iterator blocks Part Four: Why no yield in catch? – Eric Lippert continues his series on iterator blocks and the yield keyword with a look at why you can’t yield in the catch block of an iterator.
  • Monitor your ASP.NET Cache API Behaviour – Simon Ince shares some good information on the monitoring you can do to watch the ASP.NET Cache, and to establish how effectve your caching is.


  • IronRuby Session – Video and Slides – Ben Hall shares the video and slides from his Vista Squad presentation on IronRuby delivered last week. I’ve been enjoying watching a number of the Vista Squad presentations, and the are building up quite a library.