• It is done… S#arp Architecture 1.0 RTM – Billy McCafferty announces the RTM release of his S#arp Architecture 1.0 project which provides a solid foundation to build ASP.NET MVC & NHibernate powered applications
  • Security Tools : Anti-XSS Library 3.0 RTM – Anil announces the release of the Anti-Cross Site Scriptiing library 3.0 RTM release, which is binary compatible with the previous releases, but brings a number of new features and supporting materials
  • SubSonic Is Released – Rob Conery makes another significant bug fix release to SubSonic 3, and also outlines his plan for how development will continue on the V3 releases
  • Pex v0.15.40714.1: Better performance, less Bugs… – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux announces an updated release of the PEX testing platform. This update is a performance and bugfix release, with no new features included



  • Code for Windows 7 contest… – Mithun Dhar highlights a Windows7 based programming competition which could net you a free trip to PDC, a pile of cash and the opportunity to present at PDC
  • What’s New in CLR v4 (.NET Framework 4) from the CLR Team – Ramaraju P highlights a live meeting presentation from the .NET 4 CLR team, looking at Garbage Collection, NGEN and Performance. This event is to be held this Friday (17th) at 10AM PST, so it is early evening for any UK / Europe based devs