There was lots of Buzz yesterday in the developer community about Google announcing their own Operating System, to be called ChromeOS, and also the fact that Google Apps are no longer beta



  • LINQ is not LINQ To SQL – Justin Etheredge sets about removing the confusion that leads a large number of developers to think that LINQ is all about interactions with the database and that all it does is the stuff LINQ to SQL does. Well worth reading if you have any confusion over LINQ
  • Day #8: Custom Fonts in Silverlight – Jeff Blankenburg is running a Post a Day series throughout July on Silverlight. Today’s piece is about fonts in Silverlight, with previous posts on interactions with WCF serivces, Drag and Drop, and a whole lot more – worth keeping an eye on this month
  • Event Aggregation with jQuery – K. Scott Allen uses some JQuery JavaScript code to highlight some principles from Prism, and looks at applying the same principles in the JavaScript
  • Sneak Peek at our book Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0 – Simone Chiaretta provides the chapter level contents list of his ASP.NET MVC book, along with a download of the draft chapter 9 on Testing ASP.NET MVC Applications, along with the full collection of code Samples
  • Refactoring challenge Part 1 – Examination – Jimmy Bogard starts dissecting the code his posted yesterday which he was aiming to refactor
  • CodePlex Turns 3 years old; Breaks the 10,000 project mark – Congratulations to the CodePlex team on their 3rd birthday and breaking the 10000 project boundary. This post also contains some interesting statistical information about the use of CodePlex since its ‘birth’
  • Thrive for Developers – Michael S. Scherotter highlights a new Microsoft Campaign aimed at improving the skills and enhance the careers of developers providing community features and online training opportunities, along with Job Postings and other technical content
  • Faking COM to fool the C# compiler – Jon Skeet takes a look at some of the features of C#4 that make it easier to work with and produce COM Components.
  • MVVM – Philosophy and Case Studies – Introduction – Rob Eisenberg introduces a new series of posts on Model- View-ViewModel, starting with a simple introduction to the concept