• SubMain acquires GhostDoc, releases new version, integrates it with CodeIt.Right – SubMain have taken on the GhostDoc tool, and have been further developing it to add in VB support, VS2010 support and done some re-architecting. Part of the agreement is that GhostDoc will continue to have a free version. Roland Weigelt, the orignial creator of Ghost Doc gives further details in his post The Future of GhostDoc
  • Nova Commons – Nova Software make their first release of Nova Commons an application architecture for MVC which pulls together a number of common patterns along with a number of other open source frameworks and tools
  • MsSqlSchemaDoc Version 4.2 Released – Henk Oberholzer announces version 4.2 of his Sql Server Schema Documentation tool. This release fixes problems with triggers linked to more than one event.


  • Free ASP.NET 4.0 beta hosting available – Gunnar Peipman highlights the availability of free ASP.NET 4.0 hosting from the team over at ORCSWeb. The hosting is free until October, allowing you to host your .NET 4 creations making use of SQL2008 and all the new toys in the .NET Framework
  • Git For Windows Developers – Git Series – Part 1 – Jason Meridth starts a series looking at running the Git version control system on Windows machines. This first part runs through the setup and gets you up and running with your code in Git.
  • Starting Out in Web, SharePoint or Mobile Dev? Why not Ramp Up? – Mike Ormond highlights the Ramp Up series of online training in Web, SharePoint and Mobile Development on the Microsoft platforms
  • Why goto Still Exists in C# – Steve Wellens looks at s situation where he considers the goto statement to be vital to improve the readability and comprehension and simplicity of code.
  • Anti-Patterns and Worst Practices – Utils Class – Chris Missal continues his Anti patterns series with a look at the somewhat nasty catch all of a Utils class, suggesting that you should actually create classes for the particular purposes of your utility functions.
  • Abstract Class Vs Interface – Arati Kadi explores the differences between abstract classes and interfaces in this Code Project article
  • Fluent Silverlight – Part 1 – Gabriel Schenker introduces the work he and Ray Houston have been doing on creating a fluent interface for Silverlight to help improve the easy of working with Silverlight and implementing the Model View View Model. The Second part (Fluent Silverlight – Part 2 – Binding Properties) of the series explores property binding in their framework
  • NHibernate Mapping – <list/> – Ayende talks about the <list /> mapping type in NHibernate looking at its differences from other types of collection and looking at how the data is stored.
  • Is Code Complete? – Saurabh_Saxena gives a brief run down of a number of common key software development principles illustrating a number of them with code examples.