• Can you @bing it? – Jared Parsons highlights the announcement of Microsoft’s new search engine, called ‘Bing’, a name which looks set to replace the ‘Live’ branding
  • Taming the Pex beast: Well-behaved enums, multi-dimensional arrays and booleans – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux looks at some of the problem data types for Pex, and talks about how a number of new attributes help make working with them easier
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) – Alex Mueller gives a nice explanation of what Cross Site Scripting is, where you can be vulnerable to it and how you can prevent it
  • Pattern Matching in .NET 4 – Jonathan Allen talks about pattern matching in .NET looking at the standard switch/case functionality, and showing how it can be used in a more terse way, and also takes a look at how F# handles the same
  • Why Defer Loading in Entity Framework isn’t going to work – Ayende talks about why he feels that the new Defer Loading (AKA Lazy Loading) functionality of the Entity Framework is going to cause problems, comparing it to how NHibernate has implemented this functionality
  • Anti-Patterns and Worst Practices – Monster Objects – Chris Missal continues his series with a look at the ‘god’ object which contains far too much stuff, and the law of Demeter
  • Partitioning in PLINQ – ‘essey’ looks at the different partitioning strategies that PLINQ uses to divide up work.
  • .NET Framework Performance Survey – The CLR and Framework Perf Blog are running a survey on the level of satisfaction with Performance of the framework – if you have something to contribute on the subject go give them some feedback
  • NHibernate – Executable DML – Ayende highlights a new feature recently ported into NHibernate allowing you to run updates and deletes against complex inheritance models
  • Lifecycle of an open source project – Chad Myers outlines an 8 phase lifecycle that Open Source projects tend to follow which might help when trying to decide how stable/mature an OS project is
  • Actors in F# – The Bounded Buffer Problem – Matthew Podwysocki continues looking at Actors in F# with a look at using the Bounded Buffer for message passing


  • Leeds Area SQL Server User Group Meeting – Leeds hosts the next UK SQL Server User Group event, on the 3rd June. This event includes two sessions, both with a performance slant, with Iain Kick looking at end to end performance troubleshooting and Martin Bell talking on replaying trace files.