• Microsoft Tech-Ed Online – Its that time of year again, with the Tech-Ed conference kicking of yesterday. You can catch some of the sessions, and other interesting interviews, etc on this Tech-Ed online site.
  • Our Next Engineering Milestone – The Engineering Windows 7 Blog has an interesting post on the route to RTM for Windows 7. At the end of the article they hint on a ‘Holiday Season’ availability of computers running Windows 7 RTM
  • 10 cool things about f# that aren’t functional-specific – Alex Pedenko talks about 10 things in F# which make it a great language but aren’t specifically Functional Programming things.
  • AutoMapper and IoC – Jimmy Bogard talks about the Inversion of Control friendly features of his AutoMapper project, and shows how they can be used with StructureMap
  • BigInt – Stephen Swensen provides an implementation of an unbounded integer type for use in C# which supports most common operations in this CodeProject article
  • Sneak Preview: Persistence Ignorance and POCO in Entity Framework 4.0 – Faisal Mohamood talsk about one of the new features of the Entity Framework 4, allowing you to obtain persistence ignorance in your entities by using Plain Old CLR objects (POCO).
  • Reserved and Contextual Keywords – Eric Lippert talks about the careful consideration that has to go into adding new keywords and reserved words in programming languages.
  • The Open Closed Principle – Zakir Hoosen talks about the Open Closed Principle (which states that an object should be open for extension but closed for modification) by way of examining an example.


  • AltNetConf UK London August 2009 – Ian Cooper announces the plans for the next London UK Alt.NET Conference, to be held over the 3 days at the weekend of 1st August 2009. Registrations open today at 13:00(BST presumably), and based on previous experience spaces will go quickly.