• The Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) is here! – The Windows 7 Team Blog announces the public availability of the Windows 7 Release Candidate. The RC will be valid until 1st March 2010 giving you a good length of time to play with it (and also a good amount of time for Microsoft to release the final version in)
  • MonoDevelop on MacOS X – Miguel de Icaza highlights the latest release of MonoDevelop for the Mac OS X. This version integrates nicely with OSX, and requires Mono 2.4 to be installed on the Mac.
  • EntLibContrib – May 2009 Release and future plans – Grigori Melnik highlights the May release of EntLibContrib which will be the final release against Enterprise Library 3.1, and contains community additions and extentions. Work on the project will now focus on Enterprise Library 4.1
  • Hyper-V RC Release Download Links – John Howard gathers together the Hyper-V related releases from Microsoft providing links to Windows 2008 R2 Release Candidate, Hyper-V Server RC, etc
  • Common Logging 2.0 for .NET Released – Erich Eichinger talks about his recent release of the Common Logging 2.0 for the .NET platform, a common interface which provides an abstraction to a number of logging frameworks.


  • PTOM: Breaking Free from HttpContext – As a part of the Pablo’s Topic of the Month series, Colin Ramsay looks at separating out your dependencies on HTTPContext
  • Put Your Pages and Views on Lockdown – Phil Haack looks at using some of the ASP.NET extensibility points to help implement policy about what can and can’t go into your views / ASPX files.
  • Debugging NHibernate Exceptions – Derik Whittaker shares two tips for finding out more about what is going wrong when you get exceptions from NHibernate
  • Iterating on an ASP.NET MVC Model Binder – K. Scott Allen takes an iterative development approach to refining custom ASP.NET MVC model binders, looking at a number of the common problems he sees with custom implementations along the way
  • What goes into claims – ‘vibro’ talks about some of the terminology and theory behind claims based authentication systems like Geneva
  • Using Behaviour-Driven Development with ASP.NET MVC – Part 1 – Tim Ross starts a series on Behaviour Driven Development. In this part Tim looks at the idea of stories, and introduces the automated specifications
  • SerialSeb: My MVC Best Practices talk – Seb Lambla shares a recent video of his ASP.NET MVC Best Practices Talk. I recently saw this talk ‘in person’ and found it to be a useful consolidation of a large number of ASP.NET MVC related ideas
  • Functionally Implementing Intersperse – Matthew Podwysocki looks into several different F# implementations of the intersperse function from Haskell, looking at how the different choices available can lead to very different implementations.
  • Code Generation Should be the Nuclear Option – Justin Etheredge shares his (less than favourable) views on Code Generation, looking at the reasons he considers it to be the last resort.
  • Top 5 Programmer Mistakes – Bill Tudor shares 5 general but common programmer mistakes ranging from writing too much code to programming by accident.


  • Manchester SQL Server User Group – 7th May – Tomorrow is the next Manchester (UK) area SQL Server User Group Meeting. This event boasts two technical sessions from Tony Rogerson on 23 years of hints and tips on SQL and using it and Chris Testa-O’Neill on Monitoring and Controlling Resources in SQL Server.