We must be reaching the (ASP.NET MVC RTM Date) + (Time it takes to update and publish Book) time, as today’s edition contains details of a couple of ASP.NET MVC book releases (in their own special section)


  • VS2008 AJAX Profiling Extensions – Somasegar announces the release of the Visual Studio 2008 AJAX Profiling Extensions which let you measure the performance of the client side interactions of your Web Applications using any browser.
  • YSlow Release – The Yahoo! Developer Network announce a new release of YSlow their website performance analyser for Firefox, which now includes the ability to create custom rulesets allowing you to tailor the rules to those that are suitable for your application
  • All-In-One Code Framework : 2009-4-27 release of All-In-One Code Framework – ‘colbertz’ announces an updated edition of the All-In-One Code Framework, a one stop shop for bas implementations of many Microsoft Technologies (in many Microsoft Technologies too). This update contains changes to/additions of 17 projects