• Pex 0.11 Released: Delegates, Exception Trees, and Stubs – Nikolai Tillmann announces the release of Pex 0.11 which adds the ability to work with delegates as parameters, a new Exception tree view, and stubs for Recursion and events, along with a few fixes os issues with the previous releases.
  • TestDriven.Net 2.20: Improved NCover Integration – Jamie Cansdale announces V2.20 of TestDriven.NET which improves the integration with NCover and TypeMock, along with better support for 64 bit Windows, and a few more features too.


  • ASP.NET MVC and the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) – Maarten Balliauw looks at combining the ASP.NET MVC and the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) to have controllers served from plugins via MEF.
  • Silverlight 3 – Out of Browser Applications on the Mac – Mike Taulty screencasts to show the new Silverlight Out Of Browser application experience for Mac users
  • NHibernate Mapping – <many-to-any/> – Ayende continues his series of NHibernate Mapping elements with today’s post looking at the <many-to-any> mapping, the logical extension of yesterday’s post on the Any mapping
  • Extending ASP.NET MVC – Hernan Garcia looks at extending the ASP.NET MVC to make it behave exactly as he want it to.
  • Functional Solution for the Shortest Path Problem – Matthew Podwysocki looks at re-writing one of his previous algorithms for calculating the shortest path using only immutable collections and pure functional code
  • "Vice" Testing – Sean Chambers talks about a testing technique that can possibly help to bring some level of tests to a legacy (and not easy to test) system without making significant changes to the code, allowing you to establish a baseline for the system to allow you to start doing safe refactoring