• Using jQuery Grid With ASP.NET MVC – Phil Haack runs through a demo of getting up and running with jQuery’s jqGrid using ASP.NET MVC, including fetching pages of data as JSON from the web server
  • AutoMapper feature: interfaces and dynamic mapping – Jimmy Bogard talks about two of the key features of his latest AutoMapper release, explaining how and why AutoMapper supports mapping to interfaces and dynamic mapping.
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  • Programming Challenge! – Craig Murphy digs out a 20 year old programming problem from his past, and asks for solutions from his readers in a range of languages. A prize is being offered for the one Craig deems to be the best
  • Silverlight Simple Animation – Charlie Calvert continues his series on Silverlight with a look at simple timer based animations
  • Agile practices are not just about management. – Mike Hadlow talks about Agile Practices being more than simply a way of manging development, highlighting some key principles and concepts of agile development towards the end of the post
  • Adaptive Rendering in ASP.NET MVC – Kazi Manzur Rashid looks at how ASP.NET MVC provides an easy means of rendering the same information in a range of different formats depending on need, allowing you to have easy JavaScript / No JavaScript support