• Mono 2.4 and MonoDevelop 2.0 released – Miguel de Icaza shares the announcement of the final release of both Mono 2.4 the Open Source implementation of the .NET Framework, featuring some significant performance improvements, and also the release of Version 2 of MonoDevelop, the IDE product now featuring integrated debugging
  • Paving my machine for a fresh 2009 – First-Pass Must-Haves – Scott Hanselman lists his essential utilities for his 2009 reformat of his desktop machine
  • redgate .NET Reflector Released – Paulo Morgado highlights the release of the latest version of Reflector. This update is being supplied over the automatic update on application startup, however the website does not yet appear to have been updated
  • Announcing the free ViewModel Tool – Daniel Cazzulino shares the latest update to his Visual Studio Custom tool which takes some of the pain out of creating some of the boiler plate code required to implement ISupportInitialize, ISupportInitializeNotification and IChangeTracking
  • MassTransit 0.6 Release Candidate – Chris Patterson announces the release candidate release of MassTransit 0.6, a .NET Service bus implementation for building loosely coupled .NET applications. This release contains a number of new features and other changes, outlined in this post


  • Configuring NHibernate with ASP.NET – Alessandro Gallo gives a introduction to the configuration of NHibernate, and looks at how you can use it in web application context in this beginners tutorial
  • Using NHibernate with multiple databases – Karl Seguin explores using multiple databases with NHibernate, and finds that its not especially difficult however there is a lack of documentation in this area
  • Must Everything Be Virtual With NHibernate? – Davy Brion looks at the reason NHibernate wants all methods and properties to be virtual, and talks about hiw dynamic proxies are used to provide usefuly functionality such as Lazy Load. Davy also shows how you can turn off this functionality and therefore no longer require virtual properties
  • Some ASP.NET compiler black magic – Bertrand Le Roy looks at some of the interesting and less well known features of the ASP.NET Compiler and engine
  • Notes from SQL Server Premier Field Engineer : SQL Server 2005/2008 database tuning – picking low hanging fruits – part I – ‘Yuriy’ looks at some if the Dynamic Management Views that can help with performance tuning your SQL by helping to identify missing indexes
  • Heisenberg And Lambdas – Justin Etheredge looks at a technique of using lambdas to attach events, exploring the potential of this method to leak memory and looks at how applying weak references can help with this
  • HighBall Part Duex (#01) – Adron Hall talks about the creating his latest project using a User Experience first and TDD approach, starting in this part with mocking some screens and adding some implementation to support.