• Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio April 2009 CTP – The April 09 CTP edition of the Live Framework Tools for Visual Studio gives you the latest tools for creating Live Mesh enabled application in both .NET and Silverlight, along with JavaScript completion for Live Framework code and a number of bugfixes since the last release
  • WPF Toolkit – March 2009 Release – An update to the already released WPF Tool Kit March Release as the previous release was missing one of the bugfixes it was meant to have. This release contains a number of controls from the Jan09 release along with a huge number of bugfixes and improvements
  • One gets you Ten. One DLL, Ten free WCF Debugger Visualizers – Greg Duncan highlights the WCF Debugger Visualizers from E4D Learning, which bring 10 debugger visualizers including visualizers for Message, ClientRuntime, Binding, Security Context, Security, and a few more.
  • Json.NET 3.5 Beta 3 – The latest beta release of this JSON serialization framework brings with it a few new features and a few bugfixes to existing functionality
  • Krypton 3.5 Released – ComponentFactory announce the release of Version 3.5 of their Krypton Control Library, new date time and calendar controls. Also, this release now includes over 40 free controls
  • asp:menu fix for IE8 problem available – Bertrand Le Roy announces a fix for the built in ASP.NET Controls which makes the Menu control render correctly for Internet Explorer 8.
  • Hotfix for "Design view does not update HTML" and to "Designer inserts a lot of  " – The Visual Web Developer Team announce the release of a Visual Studio / Office 2007 hotfix which patches shared components of both products to resolve an anoying problem with the HTML Desiger