Another enjoyable night at Geekup Liverpool last night.


  • SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 : CTP is available! – Aaron Bertrand highlights the CTP release of SQL 2008 Service Pack 1 for both Full SQL Server and SQL Express
  • PostSharp – Announcing PostSharp 1.5 CTP 3 – The PostSharp team announce the 3rd CTP release of Version 1.5, which includes all the fixes from the 1.0 branch and also brings some dramatic speed ups along too.
  • Safari 4: New look, but what about the engine – Ajaxian has the low down on the new Beta release from Apple of Safari 4, which includes a new JavaScript engine, Acid3 compliance and support for the CSS canvas (amongst others)
  • SQL Compare 8.0 released – Red Gate announce the release of SQL Compare 8.0 the latest major version of the SQL database comparison tool, including new rules based selection of entities to compare, improvements to saving of comparison projects, difference synchronisation to SQL creation scripts, and a few more.
  • Typemock Isolator Version 5.2.2 is out! – The Typemock team announce the release of Version 5.2.2 of their mocking framework, Typemock Isolator, including a number of new features and some bugfixes.


  • Web Dev .NET: ASP.NET MVC RC Compiler Post-Build Step – Elijah Manor highlights a useful feature of ASP.NET MVC which allows you to build your views at compile time to verify that there are no compile errors in the view code, all achieved by the use of the <MvcBuildViews /> element in the project file.
  • DevLabs: Code Contracts for .NET – Somasegar gives the detailed lowdown on the Code Contracts for .NET released on the DevLabs site this week.
  • JavaScript, inner functions and private members – Sergio Pereira continues his series on Javascript with a look at functions inside functions and how you can achive private members in Javascript.
  • Announcing – James Kovacs announces a publicly available Team City build server for open source projects (presumably in the .NET space) a new service from CodeBetter in colaboration with JetBrains, IdeaVine and From the list of projects currently set up there this looks like it might be a very useful resource if your want to get hold of bleeding edge builds.
  • MSDN Magazine: Automate Acceptance Testing With IronRuby – Ben Hall highlights the availability of the latest edition of the MSDN magazine, which includes the second part of his series on IronRuby and testing.
  • When Method Overloading Goes Haywire – Jason Bock runs into some troubles with overloads of a method that uses params for additional optional parameters, and finds that it can be difficult to call the version of the method you want.
  • A New Look for Visual Studio 2010 – Jason Zander shows off some screenshots of the New WPF powered Visual Studio 2010
  • Unit Testing The MVC JsonResult – Jeremiah Clark explores some techniques for testing JSON results returned from ASP.NET MVC
  • Creating an API testing framework 101 – Dennis "D.C." Dietrich looks at some of the theory and implementation of creating a simple API testing framework.


  • Alt.Net UK ‘In the North’ – Registration now open – Registration for the Alt.NET event for the north of England scheduled to take place 17/18th April is now open. I believe the number of places is limited to ~50 so you may need to get registered quickly as I suspect there will be quite high demand.
  • An evening of mockery at Skills Matter on the 23 of March – Mike Hadlow announces a free evening event from Skillsmatter covering two of the most popular .NET mocking tools, Moq and Rhino.Mocks. Pre-registration is required for this event, although it is free to attend,