I had a very enjoyable night at the Thoughtworks Manchester Geek Night last night, where Jim Webber gave a very interesting and entertaining presentation on Web Based integration using HTTP based services as the middleware.


  • MonoDevelop 2.0 Beta 1 – Miguel de Icaza gives a detailed run through of what is new in MonoDevelop 2.0’s first beta release. From the screenshots included its looking like a very nice IDE, and I especially look forward to some of the improvements they have planned for Windows users
  • Announcing FsCheck 0.5 – Kurt Schelfthout announces the latest update to FsCheck, the F# port of QuickCheck, the Haskell automatic specification based testing tool
  • StyleCop for ReSharper is Feature Complete. RC (refresh) Released. – Howard van Rooijen announces a new release of the StyleCop Plugin for Resharper. This release brings it to parity with StyleCop 4.3 and marks a significant milestone in the project.