The snow seems to be attempting to make a return to Liverpool today – hopefully my commute won’t be too bad this morning


  • New Release of Snippet Editor – Mike Ormond highlights the release of Snippet Editor 2.1 which now supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 snippet editing. I’ve recently started adding my own snippets to VS and found them to be a great productivity boost
  • Rhino Mocks 3.5 – Silverlight – Ayende announces an alpha release of a port of Rhino Mocks to Silverlight by Gunther Meyer


  • DDD Aggregate Component pattern in action – Jimmy Bogard continues his exploration of the power and use of the aggregate component pattern with a look at a common question ‘How do I inject/use a Service/Repository inside an Entity?’
  • C# Nullable Types…Subtlety – Steve Wellens shows one of the stranger behaviours of nullable types, the fact that they don’t throw null exceptions the way you might think.
  • Web Deployment with VS 2010 and IIS – Vishal R. Joshi of the Visual Studio Web Developer Team talks about the Web Deploy tool currently available in beta form which will be a part of the Visual Studio 2010 release
  • Understanding Safe Database Synchronization – Mohammad Ashraful Alam looks at the common problem of synchronising two sets of data that started out the same and have since been modified.
  • Static typed property names – Miroslaw Jedynak shares a technique to help eliminate strings which relate to properties in classes by replacing them with strongly typed code to obtain the string, allowing compiler checks and refactoring to occur
  • C#: Public fields vs automatic properties – Mark Needham talks briefly about the differences between fields and automatic properties. Some good comments on this post too
  • .NET Time Tunnel – Joel Reyes explores each and every release of .NET looking at the the significant enhancements over the years


  • Win a Ray Ozzie-signed copy of Win7 and Server 2008 – Marc Holmes, one of the Microsoft UK Evangelists is running a competition to win Ray Ozzie signed copies of Windows 7 and Windows 2008 – to enter you need to supply a 2 minute how-to video for something microsoft produced.