I don’t know – you wait ages for a release candidate and then three come along in a week(IE, Hyper V Server, ASP.NET MVC)! My reading list was absolutely huge this morning with all the talk about these, so today’s edition is a little larger than usual, and has a special section dedicated to ASP.NET MVC


  • ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate Now Available – ScottGu gives his usual screen shot rich and detailed release announcement for the ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate release, with a look at the improved tooling support, along with details of enhancements to the view, form post support, Unit Testing, Cross Site Request Forgery Protection, File Handling, and Ajax support – See further down today’s edition for a special ASP.NET MVC section.
  • MEF Preview #4 Released – Krzysztof Cwalina announces the release of Preview 4 of the Managed Extensibility Framework. It looks like this project is coming to an end as they are now finalising the API
  • NCover 3 RC1 is now available – The NCover team have also reached release candidate status on their new Version 3 project, offering a few new features and a number of bugfixes over the previous beta release.


  • Fluent NHibernate: Auto mapping and base-classes – James Gregory is continuing his series on Fluent NHibernate at quite a pace. This post talks about auto mapping and how this works with base classes, Introduction to static reflection talks about some of the reflection magic that makes Fluent NHibernate work, and I think you mean a many-to-one sir which explores a common ORM problem of people using the wrong type of mapping for object relations.
  • Guidelines for Method Overloading – Dave Donaldson shares some best practices for overloading methods, looking at how you should structure your overloads, and how they should work
  • Encryption Algorithm Roundup – Beau Monday gives a nice roundup of the common encryption algorithms, details of their type, strength and if they have been defeated along with a little bit about the history of each.
  • Validation Application Block – Unit Test Validation Logic – Steve Michelotti talks about testing the rules used by the Validation Application block, and how when testing you should have separate tests for each thing you are testing, and by that he means each rule you are testing.
  • Recursion made simple – ‘himanshuleo’ explores recursion in C#, looking at the different ways of achieving it providing code snippets along the way in this Code Project article
  • What’s Wrong With This Code? (#21) – K. Scott Allen continues his ‘What’s wrong with this code?’ series with two closure related questions, one in C# the other in Javascript / jQuery
  • Tales from High Memory Scenarios: Part 1 – Sasha Goldshtein talks about cache memory usage, garbage collection and how having lots of memory can mean that these things don’t occur when you might want them to.
  • ASP.NET MVC options for consolidating HTML – Jimmy Bogard looks at the options for handling common HTML that needs to be included in a lot of places, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of Master Pages, Partials, Partial Requests / SubControllers, and extending HTMLHelper to solve this problem.



  • DDD South West – Saturday 23rd May, 2009 – Steve Sanderson highlights DDD South West, a DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper UK community event to be held in Taunton in South west England. Session submissions are now open for this event, so if you are interested in speaking at an event get submitting your session abstracts