• Ora – Home – Ora is a Visual Studio 2008 add-in which gives a nice overview of the code document currently loaded, grouping together properties, methods, etc with custom ordering and making navigation much easier


  • MVC Storefront Part 26: Finis – Rob Conery wraps up his MVC Storefront screen cast series after 26 excellent episodes. In this edition Rob gathers together some loose ends, and talks about the future of the storefront codebase.
  • DDD & Many to Many Object Relational Mapping – Udi Dahan takes a look at the complexities of Many To Many Mappings using ORM technology from an architectural / DDD standpoint.
  • Convention over Configuration in MSDN Magazine – Jeremy D. Miller highlights his latest MSDN Magazine article on convention over configuration, and also highlights David Laribee’s piece on ‘An Introduction to Domain Driven Design’
  • New Poll: What’s Keeping You From Using NHibernate? – Davy Brion is interested in finding out why people aren’t using NHibernate, so if you are one of these people, go add a comment to his post letting him know why.
  • Total View Validation – Sacha Barber explores cross business object validation for WPF applications in this Code Project article.
  • Using Reflection to load unreferenced assemblies at runtime in C# – Jacob Jordan gives a nice summary of using Reflection to dynamically load and inspect assemblies with a view to providing a plug-in / Add-on architecture
  • Designing LINQ operators – Jon Skeet explores some of the features you should consider when designing your LINQ operators.
  • jQuery Playground from Google – A neat online tool from Google which allows you to experiment with a number of common libraries (such as JQuery, MooTools, Dojo, etc) along with a range of Google API’s right in your browser
  • PLINQ – Daniel Moth talks about PLINQ, showing how easy it is to use, and explaining a little about how it actually works
  • My thoughts about IRepository<T> – Laila Bougria talks about Generic repositories, what the DDD view is according to the Evans book, and what the DRY (Don’t repeat your self) and SRP (Single responsibility principle) would suggest you should do.
  • Quick update – Steve Sanderson give an update on xVal, his validation framework, including news of an xVals provider from the Validation Aspects project, along with some roadmap of where the project is going.
  • Null Considered…Harmful? Awful? Annoying? – Jason Bock explores the idea that Nulls might be a bad thing due to their annoyance level and the amount of code you have to write to defend against them. I have to agree a little with this – I wish there was some way of saying ‘This return will *NEVER* be null’ so you can make the IDE tell you you don’t need null checking on that object.
  • NHibernate and Future Queries and Part 2 – Davy Brion looks at the new Future Query functionality that will be available in NHibernate 2.1


  • Free Webinar – Increase Productivity with .NET and LINQ – Dan Wahlin is giving a free web cast on 5th February 1pm EST covering the productivity improvements that LINQ technologies can bring, with a look at LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to XML and LINQ to Entities.
  • DDD and deployment challenges: this Tuesday – Gojko Adzic is delivering a session on DDD with distributed systems at Skills Matter (London) tomorrow (Tuesday). The session is free, however you do have to pre-register in order to get in.
  • Party with Palermo – March 1, 2009 – RSVP Now – Jeffrey Palermo announces his Party With Palermo event for the Alt.Net / MVP Summit 2009. For the price of one business card you get free food, drink and swag, along with the opportunity to network with like minded folks.