Thank goodness its Friday – the first week back after a long holiday is always harder work than it should be – now quite looking forward to the weekend.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta… Ohh and Windows 7 too… – I think everyone knows about Windows 7 beta being released today (and if you didn’t you do now), however this post also talks about Windows 2008 Server R2 Beta being made available to everyone (not just MSDN Subscribers) today too.
  • Firebug 1.3 Final Release – Firebug, the firefox users tool of choice for DOM inspection, JavaScript debugging and network monitoring in the browser has finally reached its 1.3 stable release for FireFox 3 users.
  • A Professional HTML Rendrer you will use – Jose M. Menendez Poó shares a very useful looking library which renders HTML to GDI+ graphics and controls. Based strongly round the CSS2 and HTML4.01 specifications this library looks like it could be very useful for rendering HTML Content – none of the examples show it rendering a standard web page, so I wonder how well it copes with something that complex.