Seems like everyone’s New Year Resolution was to blog more, with a number of ‘dead’ feeds springing back to life this weekend.


  • Back to Basics: Explore the Edge Cases or Date Math will Get You – Scott Hanselman talks about the dangers of trying to handle date calculations, and how you should always test the edge cases for such code.
  • Lucene.Net – Text Analysis – Andrew Smith looks at the different text analysers that Lucene provides and how they affect your searching. Andrew follows up with –Lucene.Net – Custom Synonym Analyzer looking in more detail at the Synonym Analyser.
  • NHibernate Profiler Review – Davy Brion gives a detailed review of the first public beta of Ayende’s NHibernate Profiler, with plenty of screenshots
  • DI/IOCs – Sacha Barber explores some of the theory and features of Windsor Container and the Unity IOC Container in this Code Project Article.
  • Fun With Named Formats, String Parsing, and Edge Cases – Phil Haack explores string formatting using named replacements rather than the standard numerical ones, including some discussion of escaping special characters
  • IoC on Silverlight – Nicholas Blumhardt highlights some of the progress that has been made by a number of the Inversion of Control frameworks on moving to support Silverlight.
  • Bindings, Bindings and more Bindings – Benjamin Wulfe shows some of the power of Bindings in WPF, showing how they can give some degree of inversion of control, and how you can bind to complex models.
  • Surprising things your colleagues may not know (C# .NET Generic Constraints) – A useful reminder about creating instances of generic types – showing the dangerous way, and also showing the much safer compiler checked version (an also much simpler)
  • C# Tools – James Nies has gathered together a pretty comprehensive list of C#/.NET tools broken down into a number of classifications – a very useful looking list.
  • Visual Studio Debugging Feature – Tracepoints – Mark Heath highlights an often forgotten Visual Studio Debugging feature which give you debug output without having to modify code adding in Debug.WriteLine statements.
  • Creating high performance WCF services – Scott Weinstein shares some of his findings about performance optimising WCF services for when you need to deal with high volumes of requests
  • What’s in a Job Title – Rod Paddock talks about job titles, software engineering compared to traditional engineering, and a look at some of the agile development best practices.