• Silverlight on a Desktop – Azret Botash talks about getting Silverlight applications running on the desktop (a little like Adobe Air allows), and shares a work in progress called Project Fiji to allow just that


  • The Problem With Logging – Jeff Atwood talks about the dangers of logging too much, and shows how logging caused some threading issues with StackOverflow
  • Stuff I do like – Jeremy D. Miller has been accused of being too negative, so lists some things he does like, and it turns out to be quite a nice list to use as a basis of things to investigate if you’re not already familiar with them.
  • Sharing User Controls Between IIS Applications – The Asp.Net QA Team talk about how you can share your UserControls between web applications
  • Using System.Web.Abstractions in Your WebForms Apps – Justin Etheredge investigates the System.Web.Abstractions namespace, and looks at how it allows you to mock key parts of the framework for web applications allowing you to test your components more easily.
  •\dlr is now setup to receive regular source updates – Sesh Pillailokam shares the news that the CodePlex site for the Dynamic Language Runtime is now getting periodic automatic updates from the main Microsoft development source branch.
  • AJAX Script Patterns: Service Agent – Simon Ince talks about and shows an implementation of the Service Gateway pattern for Ajax applications calling web services, and asks why so few people implement this in Ajax when it is a common practice in development generally.
  • The need for speed – Wendy Friedlander talks about the need for quick unit tests in TDD, and how you can go about ensuring that things are running and building as quickly as possible.
  • Have you ever wondered why CodePlex is so slow? – Dave Ward looks at some of the failings of ASP.NET Ajax and update panels for performance, illustrating with a specific example based on CodePlex, along with a look at alternative ways of implementing this functionality.