Well this week has been a busy week, and after a flurry of announcements it is now time for the community to get to work on exploring the new technologies released this week – I look forward to an interesting few weeks of posts going deeper into the specific technologies.


  • PDC2008 Quick Video Link List – Greg Duncan gathers together the video and presentations for all the PDC sessions into one simple list, and even shows how he compiled the list using a bit of VB and the HTML Agility Pack – this is practically 2 posts for the price of one!
  • C# 4.0 New Features Part 2.1 – default parameter intrigue – Justin Etheredge continues his series of posts looking a the new features of C# 4.0. In this followup post to part 2, Justin expands on a comment left on a previous post to explain why default parameters are implemented the way they are.
  • A Quick Waddle Around Oslo – David Ing talks about his impressions of Oslo based on the sessions attended at PDC
  • Windows Azure Back End – Dominic Green looks into what goes on behind the scenes with Windows Azure’s backend
  • First Look at Windows 7 – Tejas provides a quick run through of some of the first things you notice about Windows 7
  • Azure Services Training Kit – Now available – Neil Hutson highlights the availability of the Azure Services Training Kit PDC Preview release, containing 11 hands on labs for Azure