Every day I have a number of items that I’ve glanced at that may be ‘Brew worthy’ but that I’ve not had a chance to read fully, or might not fit precisely with what I’m trying to talk about with the Morning Brew (outside the area of interest, or just totally irrelevant) – would people be interested in another link blog series of these links (without commentary) posted later in the day? – let me know your views in the comments.


  • Report Builder for SQL Server 2008 RTM’s – Greg Duncan highlights the release of SQL Server 2008 Report Builder 2.0, a report authoring environment for SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.
  • PAL – Performance Analysis of Logs – Ricardo Henriques highlights a really useful looking tool for monitoring the different types of logs that your infrastructure produces. Ricardo walks through some of the steps in setting up the tool, and based on what I see where this looks well worth investing a little time having a play with if you are in any way responsible for running servers.
  • Composite WPF and Silverlight – Release: Prism V2 – Drop 3 – I’m a little late on this one, as drop three of Prism V2 was released last week, but I think its still worth mentioning.
  • WSCF.classic: WSCF 0.7 now open source on CodePlex – Christian Weyer announces that ThinkTecture’s WSCF 0.7 (for Soap Services) is now available in source form on CodePlex – its really nice to see commercial organisations opening up their code to the community.



  • Can’t Go To PDC? Attend the MSDN Developer Conference – One for my US based readers, Angela Binkowski highlights a series of events being held across the US in December and January, which at $99 look to be quite interesting. I hope something like this will happen in a few locations in the UK too.